Sport Le Moda The New Kids on the Block

Sport Le Moda The New Kids on the Block

It is that time of the year again and you bet we fashionista’s are shaking in our designer boots just itching to get into it.

The second QT Fashion Week and Awards is right on our front door step for another stylish and fabulous year and no one is more excited than the models, the makeup teams, the fashion bloggers but most of all the designers.

New to the scene with a killer new sportswear collection is the ever so sheike and luxurious Sport Le Moda by Rachel Huntley.

If there was ever a time to look and feel glamorous while working off those Easter choccies then this label has not only rocked it but taken it to a whole new level of awesomness.

Think Charlies Angels meets a futuristic Star Wars theme and you have one amazing brand.

Sport Le Moda was created for women who are striving for performance and sophistication.

Their pieces have been tailored to give the everyday woman both high functioning and fashionable fitness looks for their everyday workouts.

Director and designer, Rachel Huntley says the brand was founded on a desire to make workout gear more comfortable, creative and all around fun to wear whilst getting down and dirty at the gym.

Her first collection, which will be featured at QT Fashion Day Out on Sunday June 1st from 9:00am to 12:00pm, showcases a futuristic feel, with vibrant neon greens with a contrast of metallic black prints.

Pieces from Sport Le Moda include crop tops, hoodies, jackets, tights, shoes, accessories and even a leather body suit paired with a trendy leather skirt, elevating the sport wear to style status instantly.

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