Spotify Reveals Top Streamed Artists of 2013

Year In Review reveals the biggest songs and artists of 2013, according to the listening habits of Spotify’s 24 million users all over the world. For the first time, music fans can create their very own Year In Review with all the artists they have been listening to throughout the year. During 2013, the year in which Miley Cyrus made twerking a global phenomenon, and we were left wondering “What Does The Fox Say?” a whopping 4.5 billion hours – almost 50,000 years – of music was streamed on Spotify globally. In 2013 Macklemore & Ryan Lewis were the most streamed artist, as well as the most-streamed male artist, with Can’t Hold Us taking the prize for the most streamed song of this year. Avicii’s Wake Me Up was the second most-streamed song of the year, with Macklemore & Ryan Lewis again featuring at number 3 in the top chart with Thrift Shop. Daft Punk’s Get Lucky, which received the most streams in a single day, (20th April) came in fourth. In Australia, Daft Punk was the most streamed artist of 2013 followed by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. Flume capped off a huge year as the most-streamed Australian artist on Spotify. His self-titled debut album was also the most-streamed album in Australia with his hit song “Holdin On” featuring in the top 10 most streamed songs. Seventeen year old sensation Lorde was the most-streamed female artist in Australia with her hit “Royals” the third-most streamed song in the country. Lorde was also the most viral new artist on the global Spotify Chart this year, which showcases the most shared tracks on the service each week. Rihanna proved she’s still queen of the charts by holding on to the title of most streamed female globally for the second year in a row, putting Lana Del Rey and P!nk in second and third place respectively. Steve Savoca, Head of Content at Spotify, commented: “Congratulations to Macklemore & Ryan Lewis who achieved incredible success in 2013, and to Rihanna who is again crowned the Queen of Pop. It’s also amazing to see young artists like Lorde, becoming sensations almost overnight, She’s a truly thrilling discovery for Spotify users and will help to re-shape the pop music landscape.” The Year in Review website is designed to take you on an adventure from the Spotify Universe down to you and your own 2013 listening habits in Your Year in Review. Go to to create and share the music that has made your year. Top streamed tracks of 2013 (Global) Top streamed tracks of 2013 (Australia) ]]>


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