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Taylor Steele Hosts Star-Studded Soirée to Launch Solento Tequila on the Gold Coast 

Taylor Steele's Solento Tequila: a celebration of the art of slowing down, cherishing life's moments, and relishing the taste of pure craftsmanship
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The Gold Coast recently played host to an exclusive VIP event, marking the launch of award-winning Solento Organic Tequila. The event, held on the picturesque Currumbin Valley at The Grounds, was hosted by none other than renowned surf filmmaker, Taylor Steele.

Steele, a true staple in the surfing world, is best known for his cinematic achievements and his deep passion for surf culture. However, his latest venture takes him away from the waves and into the world of spirits with Solento Organic Tequila. The tequila brand, established by Steele in the United States in 2019, is an award-winning, 100% USDA certified organic tequila range.

Guests at the launch were treated to an afternoon of leisure, indulging in a late lunch expertly paired with Solento’s range of organic, premium tequila. The event was a celebration of the brand’s official launch on the Gold Coast, following a successful debut in Sydney back in 2021.

Steele welcomed prominent guests including friends including Kelly Slater and Mick Fanning, actors and musicians, to indulge in a slow afternoon showcase of his award-winning spirit.

The connection between Taylor Steele and the Gold Coast is not just geographical. His brand’s ethos, which encourages slowing down and being present, perfectly aligns with the relaxed outdoor lifestyle that the Gold Coast is known for. “Bringing Solento Tequila to the Gold Coast feels like a natural progression,” Steele said. “I have lived in Australia for five years and been captivated by the region’s vibrant surf culture and relaxed outdoor lifestyle which aligns perfectly with the ethos of our brand.”

“Solento Tequila embodies everything I appreciate. It embraces the art of slowing down, cherishing life’s moments, and relishing the taste of pure craftsmanship,” Filmmaker and Solento Organic Tequila, Taylor Steele said.

Steele’s passion for storytelling translates into every bottle of Solento Tequila. The brand prides itself on its commitment to quality, authenticity, and the celebration of life’s simple pleasures. Every bottle is a narrative of taste, designed to be savoured slowly, and resonate with those who share a mindset for a life well-lived.

The production of Solento Tequila is a labour of love. The certified organic agave used in the tequila is grown under the Mexican sun for seven years before being harvested in small batches from a single estate in Amatitán, Jalisco. The agave is then cooked for two days in brick ovens before being pressed to release their juices. After being fermented and distilled naturally, the tequila comes out pure in flavour and gains complexity from American oak barrels in its aged versions.

It’s clear that Solento Tequila is more than just a spirit. It’s a testament to Steele’s commitment to quality and storytelling, and a celebration of the art of slowing down. Whether enjoyed neat or over ice, Solento Tequila offers an experience that goes beyond the glass. It is a reminder to savour life’s moments, to embrace the slow and to cherish pure craftsmanship.

For those who prefer cocktails, Solento’s core Blanco, Reposado, and Añejo varieties are available for purchase online, at Dan Murphy’s nationwide, and at select BSW stores, all in 750ml bottles.

Get your hands on Solento Tequila at Select BWS Stores and Dan Murphys nationwide

Taylor Steele Hosts Star-Studded Soirée to Launch Solento Tequila on the Gold Coast

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