Style for the modern man


[quote]A snap of Stylish fellas A.J Calloway , Tyson Beckford , and Mathew Kettle showcasing a few different looks at a Victoria’s Secret Show[/quote]

Ok gentlemen! How many of you have fashion items that someone bought for you, hanging somewhere in your closet with tags still attached that you never wear. Something you thought you wouldn’t wear, something that might make people think you’re just trying too hard, or that something that has that Certain Style you’re just not confident enough to wear? If your answer is ‘Yes!’ and you have the desire to change, then this article is for you.

Hopefully this article will help you end the fear of trying out new trends and styles. It will help you to navigate through men’s fashion today, to unleash an expert when it comes to dressing yourself and bring about the Style Icon of the modern man that is hidden inside you.

Men’s fashion nowadays has changed dramatically which has left a lot of men hesitant to go shopping for clothes. That’s why a lot of men are still stuck using old styling rules when it comes to buying clothing. Times have changed and so has fashion. Every year we are seeing new, daring trends and that can be a bit scary and intimidating for some men to try. Unlike women, men are more afraid to try new fashion. It can become difficult to adapt to new styles and trends.

The truth is; fashion is a journey just like any other journey we experience and take through life, it can make a huge impact to our personal and professional life. So don’t be afraid to try out new styles trends and colours or even materials. Now having said that, one must experiment carefully while keeping your look grounded.

Here are three major trends which I think will kick off your fashion journey to a whole new path. Remember, once you gain the knowledge and confidence on how to dress yourself you will start to have fun and that creates originality in style, one of the biggest rules in fashion is Originality.


Leather and Suede – not many men are keen to incorporate these into their attire. But trying them can be as simple as a nice cut black leather or suede jacket that will transform your everyday office look into runway look. Simply by wearing them on top of your business attire and replacing your suit jacket with the leather/suede jacket, your day to night look is accomplished without having to change your whole outfit.


A very high percentage of men are not keen on wearing colours, in fact their whole wardrobe is basic black, white and grey with basic jeans.  If you are keen on mixing it up a little, start with three colours only keeping one of them basic. This gentle contrast creation will allow your style to adapt gently to colour.


When it comes to accessories such as Braces (suspenders), Hats, Scarves, Neckerchiefs, Handkerchiefs, Cufflinks and Fob Watches for some men these aren’t an option. To help you experiment with fashion accessories and feel a bit more comfortable wearing them, start by wearing cufflinks and or even some simple classic style scarves by teaming them with business shirts. For more relaxed/casual look team them with basic T-shirts and fitted jacket. These simple accessory pieces should get you started.

Hopefully trying out these trends will gradually help you become confident enough to dress yourself well.