Style some Fun and the Polo


I love champagne, fashion and horsing around. So when I got an invite to this years Polo by the Sea, I was ecstatic.

The event that was hosted at Doug Jennings Park on the Gold Coast last Saturday was the first time I had attended the polo, and it turned out to be exactly as stylish, fun and social as I had imagined. It was like a scene from the movie Pretty Woman, the champagne was flowing and the guests were groomed to perfection as they mingled under the fabulous marquees.

Traditionally, the polo was a sport that was primarily appreciated by Royalty, the cavalry and the wealthy. However, today it has become the go-to scene for fashionista’s, trendsetters and social butterflies who revel in its abundance of fantastic live entertainment, gourmet food and premium beverages. My day was filled to the brim of my fascinator with great company and fine hospitality, all whilst viewing the action on the field from a picturesque location.

Sponsored by Guinot Institute Paris, the main contest of this year’s event was between the 2013 winning Gold Coast team and a Melbourne team. There was also a preliminary game between Team CBA and Team Halifax. Despite never having been to the polo before, I soon became familiar with its customs and culture. I was beyond excited to participate in the traditional stomping of the divots between each competition…safe to say I did have a bit of a Julia Roberts as Vivian Ward moment.

While the horses had a break, guests took part in activities such as ladies’ and mens’ dash running races and we were also given the opportunity to meet polo players and industry professionals in the casual ‘beer garden’ lounge.

Not even a couple of fleeting rain showers could dampen the spirit or the zestful atmosphere of the occasion. For the most part though, the weather was on our side. In-fact, the surprisingly warm temperature for this Autumn day event allowed for light, fresh and summery inspirations to grace the fashions of the field. A theme which aligned fittingly with the surrounding golden beach and boat scenery.

Much like the primped and preened ponies that occupied the grounds, the stylish well-shoed crowd that circulated within the white tents also sported a quintessential preppy and manicured look. The fashion’s on show were strongly influenced by seasonal trends. Soft feminine pieces in pastel swatches, partnered with tailored boots or an elegant pair of wedges were a popular choice among the women. Debonaire, slim fit attire was a key style of choice paraded by the lads. No ones outfit was complete though without the final touch of a classic pair of sunglasses and a flute of sparkling bubbly.

Polo by the Sea may have been my first experience at such an event, but it certainly won’t be my last. It was a great party with a leisurely vibe and it was a shame when the late afternoon arrived and it all had to end.

What better way to spend the weekend than dressing up, watching sport and mixing with delightful people on the panoramic waterfront of the Gold Coast.

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