Sustainable Fashion Future with Undress Runways


While traditionally viewed as an energy intensive industry, individuals within the Australian fashion and beauty industry are re-evaluating their operations in an effort to make their contribution to the industry more sustainable.

Undress Runways is home to Australia’s biggest sustainable fashion event and has over the years evolved to feature both established and sustainable designers as well as vintage labels in their annual shows. Undress Runways wouldn’t be anywhere without the creative mind and quirky vision of one special individual, Edda Hamar.

Edda, the eco-warrior behind this project has made sustainability all around cool. She has endeavoured to pursue her lifelong dream of spreading sustainable fashion from her home in Brisbane to a worldwide audience and we, at GC Magazine salute her for her valiant efforts.

“It’s time we start making better choices about what we were” she said. “Undress will bring the wonderful world of sustainable fashion to your fingertips” she said.

The quirky and talented Edda has even incorporated Richard Branson into her campaign to raise awareness for sustainable fashion by getting the multi-millionaire to sport a 100% recycled bow-tie during his visit to Brisbane in 2013.

On Saturday night, 26th April 2014, Undress Runways launched their first runway show on the Gold Coast, Surfers Paradise, which featured 18 of the top Australian sustainable designers from all over the country.

The night was characterized as a “kickass” evening by Edda and a truly amazing night set on the rooftop of the Gold Coast Transit Centre.

Some of Edda’s personal favourite designers from the evening included Anna Hulm, Eliza and Fabled and True. Designers including Koru Swimwear and Eco Darlings were also highlights of the evening. Koru Swimwear derived its roots from New Zealand and provide eco-friendly swimwear for women seeking quality, function, fashion-forward trends with a sense of environmental responsibility.

Eco Darlings are a local Gold Coast talent who showcased their first collection at Undress Runways this year. Their designs were a unique blend of colours and fashion forward looks that wow’d the crowds. They are also passionate about staying sustainable in their practices and spreading the good word.

What makes these designers a cut above the rest is that they are able to incorporate sustainable fashion values like ethical production, organic fabrics, vintage materials and even fishing nets create a collection that is a work of art. They are leading the way to a sustainable fashion industry.

Undress Runways are Australia’s largest sustainable fashion runway show that exhibits a range of styles from swimwear, to lingerie, day-wear, evening wear and even accessories.

The event on Surfers Paradise featured a total of three shows that exhibited a range of styles and colour showcasing the diverse talent that designs bring to the forefront of sustainability.

The afternoon began at 3pm with markets, live music and organic cocktails that progressed to the runway show which started at 5pm and finishing off at 9pm. Gold Coasts finest flocked to see the girls strut their stuff down the runway decked in sustainable fashion outfits.

The motto for the evening was drink responsibly, dress sustainably.

The after party was held at Oh Hello in Brisbane from 10pm where designers and participants partied the night away in celebration of a successful evening.

The night was a snapshot into this underground fashion scene that are slowly but surely making their way up to match that of the big dogs in the fashion industry. Sustainable fashion houses some of the most unique and upcoming fashion talent to step into the scene and no doubt make a storm in the next couple of years as sustainability takes off.

The team at Undress Runways have a hankering for fashion and are dedicated to making sustainability on trend and reducing fashions carbon footprint in Australia and worldwide.

They stay true to the fact that a relationship with clothing is the most visible expression of who you are and know that everyone loves to spin a good yarn to their frocks or suits about the exotic designer, an uber-cool or status brand or a rare find.

Edda describes the feeling she gets wearing sustainable fashion saying it makes her feel: “Great! Fast fashion is basically ignorantly indulging in a first-world luxury. Sustainable fashion is like waking up without a hangover, you feel responsible and awesome.”

Earlier this year, they held their first runway fashion show in Melbourne which turned out to be a huge success.

Undress Runways is an annual sustainable fashion show that challenges their audiences to assess the sustainability of their wardrobes.

Edda’s Undress online shop is her next endeavour and has a variety of bamboo underwear, ethical dresses, vintage gowns that have never been seen in fashion before. It launches in October following Undress Runways flagship event of the year ‘Undress Brisbane’.

Check out some of the designers here: