Southport is undergoing a dining revolution with Swannie’s leading the way, opening their doors this month and bringing Southport its unique flavour.

Set in the renovated Swan House, Swannie’s by day serves as a cafe and restaurant for corporates and locals alike, before transforming into a tapas lounge and bar in the evenings.
The venues stunning design, vast menu and location, are something that is sure to have many people making Swannies there must go destination in Southport.

Co-owner Ryan Felicity Lombard says “the menu boasts a blend of classic cafe and restaurant cuisine, peppered with takeaway options for those wanting lunch on the go and delicious twists on favourite dishes.”

We attended the Grand-opening earlier this month and a list of who’s who were raving about the possibilities that Swannies offers to those working locally or needing to conduct meetings or lunches in the area.

Nestled on Nerang Street in the old Southport Mall, Swannies is a must visit for anyone looking for a bite to eat or wine and dine that important client.

We are excited to see the boost that Southport receives from this vote of confidence in the up and coming dining sector.

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