She’s a proud winner of one of the nation’s largest music competitions and already has two albums that deliver more bang for your buck, now Dami Im has a new addition that’s sure to have your ears smiling.

Known for having albums that hit the high numbers on the ARIA Album Chart, upcoming Classic Carpenters is predictably speculated to be a brilliant album focusing on songs by legendary duo The Carpenters.

“When I was young, my parents used to play The Carpenters songs and I used to love them, even though I didn’t know who they were until I was older,” says Dami.

“They are such beautiful songs and so timeless, so I decided it ‘d be nice if I could do a full album of their songs in my style,”

“I started the recording process from last year, starting off by singing and recording each song at home at my grand piano in a way that felt most natural to me.”

Playing the piano is another talent the star holds after learning the instrument at a young age of five years old and carrying it through into her career as a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist.

“I sent over these initial demos to the producer of the album Byron Jones and he would give me feedback, and we would go back and fourth with little changes here and there.

“Once we felt my voice was sitting well and I sounded convincing, we would go ahead and add other instruments and the part around my voice.”

With a voice as velvety and effortless as hers, it’s hard to think of the artist needing to practice at all to reach precision, especially when she’s the next Australian musician to represent the nation at this year’s EuroVision.

Dami says being next to represent Australia at the favourably world-known singing contest while following the footsteps of the powerfully talented Jessica Mauboy and Guy Sebastian is a significant experience for her as an artist.

“I am so thrilled and honoured to be representing Australia at EuroVision this year in Stockholm. I am excited to be following the footsteps of Guy and Jessica, who have both graced the EuroVision stage before me on behalf of Australia,” she says.

“I have always had such respect and admiration for both the EuroVision Song Contest and to be representing my country is by far the biggest experience of my life, and I’m going to give it my very best shot and enjoy it.”

The starlet has recently revealed her song choice for her EuroVision world performance, bound to blow the minds of this year’s judges and the vast crowd, as well has performed some of the music off her newly released album.

“So far this year I performed with my band, so I could give everyone a little preview of my national tour that kicks off in July.”

With a desire to see her talent reach more fans, the 35-date Yesterday Once More: Classic Carpenters national tour will have Dami launch in Melbourne and run right through into early December, wrapping up in Perth.

“I want to grow my fan base internationally and continue to make music that inspires people.”

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