From winning X-Factor’s seventh season to releasing sizzling hot track ‘Keep Talking’, Cyrus is knowingly making major music headway with the slick sounds of his sweet and soulful voice.

The New South Wales born musician’s debut album was released five months ago and is already receiving positive reviews all round, which is nothing out of the ordinary for the soon to be twenty-year-old natural talent.

Since rising to fame, the gifted singer has dropped his surname musically to make way for a short and straightforward Cyrus, but it’s his voice that packs a powerful punch and this year he’s set to bring more magic to the mix.

“It has been an absolute blessing. From on stage to over seas, it has been incredible to see the places my passion for music has taken me. I’m just taking it in, making the most of every opportunity and enjoying it as much as I can,” says Cyrus.

“I’m very lucky that the public has enjoyed my music as much as they have enjoyed my covers of other people’s songs.

“It can be quite daunting putting your material out for the public’s consumption, but as long as I’m writing things that are true to who I am and that I’m proud of, I couldn’t be happier that it’s out there for everyone’s interpretation.”

Evidently an Aussie favourite when gracing the X-Factor stage with a voice as soft as butter, Cyrus again took the stand at this year’s World Famous Rooftop event as one of the three performances at the Gold Coast’s Q1 rooftop bar.

It was Cyrus’s first performance at the popular and anticipated national music event hosted by local radio station 90.9 SeaFM and says that it was an unforgettable experience for him personally and musically.

“To be able to use my passion and love for music toward such events is an absolute honour.”

With the coast’s World Famous Rooftop party being a huge success and unique memory for the musician, Cyrus doesn’t plan on leaving such experiences on the stage, with more original material bubbling away.

“With the release of my single Keep Talking I am always working towards releasing an album,” he says.

“To have a collection that illustrates who I am as an artist and getting my voice to as many different places and people as I can is something I am looking forward to.
“Releasing original material is something that is on the top of my list of goals this year.”

The star has already been snapped travelling around Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines since kicking off his career, but hopes to tour more musically with a potential national tour sparking his interest.

“A tour is something my team and I are looking into. I love performing live and putting on a show for the fans who have supported my music since the beginning. This year is when I will tick that goal off the list.”

As for what else is to come from the melody making heartthrob, Cyrus is keeping a tight lid on such surprises, so fans with Cyrus fever will be forced to keep on their toes.

While the nation gets ready for what’s to come one thing’s for sure, the singer promises he isn’t far away from making more raw music for our Aussie ears to indulge.

“As a new artist, I think it’s important to show everyone who “Cyrus” is through new music.”

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