The biggest car racing competition is already proving itself to be hotter than the wheels on the track, but it’s frequent favourite Craig Lowndes that’s bring the most heat, racing down right dirty with a hot, new car.

New addition TeamVortex, created by Caltex Australia and Triple Eight Race Engineering is making track at this year’s Supercars Championship with Lowndes driving the handsome Holden Commodore, so this championship certainly won’t be short of a showdown.

“I am very pleased that our new TeamVortex program has been so successful so quickly. It’s great to pull a new team of people together and get them working so well as a group,” says Lowndes.

“We’ve won races; we’re always at the right end of the field, and so far it’s been pretty good.”

Much sweat and tears were put into making the new car for Triple Eight’s collection, especially in time for the new Supercars season, but there’s just as much effort on the driver’s end to make the win possible.

“I train most days, basically as often as I can. It’s a mix of gym work, riding mountain bikes or trail bikes for reflexes and also running,” says Lowndes.
“I enjoy training, which makes it easier, but it’s also equally as important to give your body time to recover and rest as much as much as you can.

“The training isn’t specific to any one race; it’s weighted for upper body strength, and maintaining strength and stability through my core and durability training for stamina.

“You need to be strong and have stamina because the races are long and the cars incredibly hot inside.”

Training with such a robust set of techniques is a serious commitment for Lowndes, just like the sport of car racing and even after multiple years of his racing career, the game is proving just as hard as the exercise.

“I am not sure it has got any easier, probably harder as the racing is more competitive than ever before. The whole field is separated by next to nothing, usually less than one second in qualifying. It’s tough, but it was always tough.”

And hard work isn’t something Lowndes is short of experiencing in the racing industry, although exposed to it at a young age from his well-known father, Frank Lowndes.

“My father worked for Peter Brock at the Holden Dealer Team, so I was introduced to it early and loved it,” he says.

“I loved the speed and the challenge. So I always wanted to be a racing driver, and I was lucky, I got the breaks when I was young, and it went from there.

“Working with Peter (Brock) early in my career gave me important values, on and off the track that have been the foundation of my career.

“Along the way I’ve learned it’s important to have the right people around you, so you can focus on your strength and draw on the strengths of others to support you.”

Growing up in Melbourne, the bold multi-winner racer resides in Brisbane, and while he enjoys soaking up the sun in our sunshine state, it’s mainly his career that has his feet planted on Queensland soil.

“The key for me is to be close to the team, which is based in Brisbane. Also, proximity to the airport is a significant advantage. We all travel a lot, so it’s always nice to sleep in your bed.”

Dedicated to his team and racing career, Lowndes continues to head in the right direction of success and glory, with more plans already paving the way to an even brighter future for the fast runner.

“There are still things I’d like to do in racing, like competing at the Le Mans 24hour race, plus I’d like to win another Championship here too and Bathurst of course.

“I don’t set myself goals per see. As long as I am competitive and enjoying myself, I’ll continue to race.”

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