We may remember him as the singer of the sensational pop hit ‘I Want Candy’ back in 2000 or most commonly, baby backstreet, but now Aaron Carter is back with a brand new EP that’s nothing similar of what we once knew the musician as almost 14 years later.

Being absent for over a decade is what most of the world seems to believe, but he certainly hasn’t left the spotlight since first shooting to fame and new EP LØVË is the superlative anecdote of the very personal journey the all grown up artist is wanting to share.

“In the past few years I spent a lot of my time focusing on other aspects of the industry. I was apart of “The Fantastiks” Musical, where I performed in over 400 shows in one of the longest running musicals in the world, was a cast member on Dancing with the Stars and also learned how to produce music,” says Aaron.

With his previous hits and music production surrounding upbeat and catchy pop tunes, his new set of songs are evidently different to the once all American, blond baby faced singer’s older music, but Aaron says it didn’t feel right to come back any earlier.

“Around the time of July 2015 I was ready to jump back into the industry.  I felt that I was in a good place music wise, I was also on good terms with myself and had a concept about love that I felt would translate well into the music I wanted to create.

“Getting back into proving what I’m all about, which is being a producer and writer on the project, making it all coordinate and sound good was part of why making my new EP a lengthy journey for me.”

And it’s safe to say Aaron hit the nail on the head with making it all coordinate and sound good with his newest addition to his lengthy career, as LØVË sounds nothing short of smooth, profound and authenticated pop that will have you view his music in a whole new light.

“This new EP is all about love. The growth of love, understanding your worth. I drew on a lot of my own experiences, so this EP is very personal about my life and what I have gone through, which has made me appreciative of all that I am now.

“Love is everything at the end of the day and we should never give up on the opportunity for love, but always cherish it.”

The first hit to leak from his new project is the already fruitfully popular ‘Fools Gold’, which first came out as a sneak peak late last year, with the full version releasing last April and has received an auspicious response from long term followers, while effortlessly adding more supporters to Aaron’s stage.

“Fools Gold is the first song I put my money and my time into. It is the most reflective of myself and told the story of what I was going through emotionally and mentally at the time,” he says.

“LØVË It is definitely different than what I have created in the past, but I have still stuck to my pop roots. It invites a various range of listeners, it is a little more grown up content, since I have grown up myself, but I am still going to include a re-vamped version of ‘I Want Candy’, which will be a new creative twist on an old song of mine.”

Bringing back an oldie, but a goodie, LØVË still embraces his past work while showing a very raw and organic aspect on who Aaron is now and it’s why you won’t find a single song on his new album with a collaboration, it’s simply all Aaron.

“No collaborations. All me. It is my most personal. It’s the first one I wrote, produced and shared a very personal side of myself. I want my audience to feel just as connected to me and the music as possible.

“The most influential life lesson I’ve learnt since last releasing music is how to grow as a musician. When I was young I was very naive. I still have so much to learn and there is a lot of room to grow, but this journey has made me who I am and I want to continue to share my journey through music.”

And with Aaron’s latest album due for worldwide release early next year, the musician says it’s just the beginning to his 2017 plans with plenty more simmering backstage until he feels the time is right to reveal new fresh tunes.

“I’m working on continuing being a producer and keep working on myself, but most importantly make more records!”

LØVË will become available across the globe on February 10th, so keep your eyes and ears ready for the long awaited return album of Aaron soon after the new year; until then go to YouTube to listen in on his first comeback track ‘Fools Gold’.

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