Platinum hit makers The Chainsmokers duo Alex and Drew are taking over the world with their electric and addictive beats releasing hit after hit, the most recent is the single Inside Out.
They are most well-known for their hit song SELFIE that caught the world’s attention and skyrocketed their careers.
“We’ve always believed in ourselves and we think that song was really earlier on in our career, I don’t know if we we’re ready yet to be thrashed into that sort of spotlight.”
“We didn’t have the confidence to say that we’re here because of who we are, we got there and we started listening to people tell us about who we are.”
Alex and Drew were still learning who they were as artists and in recent years, their music has evolved with them becoming even more popular than their first singles.
“We knew in time that we would have an opportunity to show people that there was a lot more to us and I think we’ve done that.”
Successfully shaking off the label of the SELFIE single, their new songs Roses and Don’t Let Me Down are being played non-stop all over Australia.
“It’s cool to see that now our new songs like Roses, Don’t Let Me Down and Inside Out, which are very much us and people like us more than ever. We’re just being ourselves and being are down with that.”
Roses scored a place in Top 5 Aria Singles Chart and was awarded Certified Platinum on the Itunes Chart while the recent release of Don’t Let Me Down reached 3rd place on the iTunes Chart and 7th place on the Aria Singles Chart and just within a few days of the release of Inside Out, the single is already trending well.
Alex and Drew’s fame and music successes have not changed them one bit.
“We’re very modest guys, we love what we do and we love our music but obviously going double platinum in Australia, it’s awesome, we could never have anticipated that sort of thing, you just hope it happens so we’re excited.”
In 2015, they played over 300 shows around the world including festivals like Lollapalooza, Firefly, Tomorrowland and Ultra with no intention of slowing down.
The Chainsmokers were back at it again performing at Ultra in March and during their quick trip to Australia last month/ in April; they shared their excitement with GCMAG about their upcoming performance at Coachella for the first time.
“Coachella is THE festival in the world! I remember last year we were super bummed that we weren’t on it and I didn’t think we expected to be; you just hope you are.
So when we got the call this year, we were so pumped, it’s something we wanted, I feel like we’ve earned it this year and we can bring something unique to the festival.”
Selfie-taking jokesters with plenty of metaphors and hilarious personalities who both getting nagged by their mums on a daily basis, Alex and Drew say they are just average guys you can have a beer with or bump into at a club.
“We’re still the same, cheap old bastards…we’re not the dudes that you put up on a pedestal and we’re not the Nick Jonas’ of the world, we’re authentic guys.”
When asked what their memorable moments were, they said achieving the milestones isn’t the best part but finding out what happens gives them a wow factor. It’s the ride, not the destination.”
“Looking back and not knowing what it would become and what you felt at that moment and thinking what could potentially happen. It’s like finding out the girl likes you, not the first date.”
When it comes to their music, Alex and Drew said they are control freaks and always make sure they are involved to the fullest.
“It’s all us. It’s our music and it comes from a very personal place and we want it to have a feel like that to an average listener that’s never heard of us before.”
Alex and Drew have more music and touring on its way along with a TV concept they have been working on for people to “come into our world”.
“Drew is singing on what I think will be the next single and it’s a huge step for us, we’re getting more confident about our skills as musicians and creative people so we’re writing a lot more and that includes producing, singing and writing all our stuff which is something that not a lot of people are doing in the field of pop stars.”
Alex and Drew are always on social media interacting with fans and taking in the feedback whether it is good or bad.
“I’d say that a girl could walk down the hall and see a guy and say hey, you look really cute today, that guy’s day is made so these little comments that people leave us really makes a difference and makes us want to work so much harder,” Alex said.
Their message for their Australian fans is, “If you don’t know who we are and want to know more, we encourage you to reach out to us and let us know what you think and anything you want to know.”

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