Talking with Bright Lights aka Heather Bright


Not your average cookie cutter pop star, Bright Lights knows what it’s like to find yourself in the midst of the music industry.

After successfully working for three years as a songwriter, for a wide range of people from Justin Bieber, Britney Spears Beyoncé and Zed, thirty-three-year-old Heather Brights, also known as Bright Lights, has taken the leap and has started her career as a solo artist and producer.
Having to write for four years without making a dime after leaving song writing to pursue her solo career. Bright lights had to start essentially from scratch but this time, it was different.
“Even during the hard times I was happy, even when I didn’t have a home, I was still happier, and I knew this was in my heart, and this is what I’m supposed to do. I knew in my heart that I had made a right choice.”

Everything Heather writes about is from the heart, and her new Runaway song is no different. She goes on to say, “It’s essentially about a person who runs away from a good thing out of fear. I don’t fear, and love can co-exist; you’re either afraid of it or in love with it.”
She believes fear of the unknown can stop you from releasing your full potential believing no good can come from it. “It was a bit of a fear for me to take the leap for me from song writing to being an artist. When you’re making six figures a year and working with the biggest artists in the world to wake up one day and say you know what, I’m not happy. I needed to do something different and something more,” she says.

Unhappy and unfulfilled, Heather felt like she was missing out on other aspects of her work. With the launch of her debut album, Bright Lights, she has extended the project beyond just music to include production and elements of fashion design.

“Writing for other people is a little bit frustrating for me because I’m a free-style writer. Whatever comes into my head, whatever demons I’m dealing with, whatever is going on in my life it’s coming out at that moment, and I don’t have that much control over the writing,” she says. “As a professional writer, you don’t always get that luxury, and you have to tailor songs to fit an artists’ direction.”

Having to work in a specific framework restricted her to certain melodies and from being too soulful with lyrics. Initially writing music for herself and unable to get a record deal, she began writing for other artists believing that by becoming a better writer, she will be a better artist. “I do appreciate the time I spent writing for artists; it beefed my pen up. Writing five to eight songs a week will make you a very good writer and as an artist,” she says.

With a pre-medical major and a minor in music, Heather began her studies wanting to become a doctor because she wanted to help people until she made a discovery in music.
“When I started making professional music, I began to see how that affected people and realised that my music can help people too. So I thought if I can pay my bills, help people and have fun at the same time, I’ll give this a shot.”
What she describes as an out-of-body experience, Heather loves performing on stage and watching her music connect with the fans. “The reason I do this is because I want to help people, and seeing my number one goal accomplished is such an amazing thing.”
With a couple of covers on the way including a new cover of Kanye’s Heartless with her unique verses, booking more tours and writing a screenplay, Heather is taking the world by storm! Her purple hair goes beyond just loving the coloured hair but she dresses as one of the characters in her screenplay known as Mona. Calling her work, a unique piece of art, she is excited to see the other characters come to life in the next few months and promises many surprises ahead!
If you would like to follow Heather on her musical journey head to or follow her on instagram @brightlights333