Talking with the original Storm boy Xavier Rudd


‘Follow the sun, to which way the wind blows when this day is done’, lyrics that made the man behind them and the world of people listening to them celebrate simplicity and freedom.

An artist that has been tested throughout the years and still accompanies many a road trips and crowds on his tours, now with his 9th album ‘Storm boy’ released and on tour once again. If he isn’t singing sweet melodies with his guitar, you’ll find him surfing or exploring in nature, leaving love and respect for all along his path. And as he respects creation and respects the magic, he brings a little magic to all of us in the process…the man himself, Xavier Rudd!

Most of us already know not only how incredible an artist he is, but also how incredible influence; environmental and spiritual among others. This outlook he has always woven into his songs and personal life, so we chatted with Xavier to find out a little more of what we maybe haven’t heard before.

And if this isn’t enough, make sure your ears and heart have their fill and get along to the last of Xavier’s shows on his Australian tour.


Congratulations on the 9th album ‘Storm Boy’ can you tell me about the album title where that came form?

I wrote the song sitting by a river with a cup of tea, and a pelican came by looking for a feed. It reminded me of the movie ‘Storm boy’ which was a favourite for me as a kid. It’s a film about a relationship between a boy and a pelican. The song always takes me back to my childhood and seemed like a fitting title for this record.


And where was this album recorded? 

I recorded this album last year in a place called New Brighton in NSW; I built a studio/house on the river there and tracked it at home

You’ve kicked off touring this month, which Australia is excited for! Talk me through tour preparation? 

We’ve just come off an amazing North American run and so we feel like the band and show is tight. As long as this is in order, the spirit of everyone on and off stage takes over and shapes the show. I play overseas that much these days that it is always extra special to play shows in Aus.


What is your favourite thing about going on tour?

Delivering our music in a time of need around the world is special. We celebrate positive vibrations and change for a better world with so many amazing people around the globe and I feel like it’s not about me so much, it’s about the bigger picture, and it’s greater than how I feel. So if the travel or whatever is tiring I remember this.


How and when did music become such a big part of your life? 

Music has been with me since I was little, it was born into me. I was always teaching myself to play instruments and writing songs since I was young. The process of how I write is still the same today.


We have obviously seen you play a number of different instruments including the Didge and guitar… how many instruments can you actually play? 

Not sure actually. I’ll have a bash on anything! Maybe 10 or so.


What’s been one of your favourite places you’ve travelled to? 

Playing before Neil Young in Lisbon Portugal about 10 years ago was one. I listened to my dad sing his albums in the car as a kid and it was pretty special to share the stage with him.


And what about cultures, any favourites?

I’m fascinated by most cultures and their similarities and differences. I’ve learnt a bit about the Cree culture in North America and have held some of its philosophy’s close on my journey. But I’m not a real favourites person.

Obviously making music is one of your favourite things to do, and enjoying nature surfing and the like. What is something that maybe no one really knows about you? Or a random hobby? 

I’ve always enjoyed working with wood, my grandpa taught me as a kid. I like to do some carving when I get the chance.


Can you paint the picture or set the scene for me of what your ideal day in your life would be from beginning to end? 

Waking up on a remote beach in my troopy. Perfect waves peeling, people I love smiling. Sun shining. Surf, cup of tea, surf, something to eat, surf, something to eat. Make a fire, surf, watch the sun go down, eat, laugh, cuddle, sleep.


And last of all, you seem to have nailed a really balanced simplified life. What is your advice to people wanting to simplify so many areas of their own lives?

Listen to the heart, try to quiet the mind. The rest should flow



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