The Bavarian is serving up loaded Schnitzels

The Bavarian is serving up loaded Schnitzels

Those of us who are partial to a Schnitzel have just received the first good news in what feels like a few months; the good people at The Bavarian are serving up loaded Schnitzels.

The home of schnitzels and steins has launched six limited edition loaded Schnitzels, each of which can be super-sized to a crippling one-kilo stack for the super hungry or those whose girlfriend isn’t hungry yet she still manages to eat the majority of your meal. ( Joey doesn’t share food )

Each golden-crumbed chicken schnitzel ($26-$28) is generously smothered, covered and loaded with toppings and sauces, creating flavour combinations found only at The Bavarian from Monday, 7 March to Saturday, 30 April.

There are loaded schnitzels for ‘Avo Smash’ aficionados or those looking for a hangover cure. Every Brits’ favourite, bangers and mash, makes an appearance, and there is an Italian-inspired Diavola loaded schnitzel.

The Bavarian also have the kilo competition that is sure to send anyone who can complete it into Schnitzel Stardom, 1-kilogram Loaded Schnitzel Stack ($80), which translates to any of the Loaded Schnitzels stacked up to 1-kilogram in weight.
A $1000 prize will be awarded to the schnitzel lover across Australia and New Zealand who finishes the Loaded Schnitzel Stack in the fastest time. Nine runners up will each receive a $100 dining voucher.

Available at all restaurants in NSW, Queensland, Melbourne and the ACT, these feasts are like having two meals in one, and you can get yours at Broadbeach, Robina and Coomera.


The Loaded Avo Smash

The Bavarian is serving up loaded Schnitzels

The Loaded Avo Smash sees a golden-crumbed chicken breast generously topped with smashed avocado, cherry tomato, feta, sesame seeds and crisp fries.

The Loaded Diavola

The Bavarian is serving up loaded Schnitzels

Wavering between a pizza or a schnitzel? The Loaded Diavola ticks both boxes with spicy salami, Kalamata olives, roasted capsicum, mozzarella and fries piled atop a crumbed chicken breast.

The Loaded Bangers

The Bavarian is serving up loaded Schnitzels

An ode to the great British dish of bangers and mash, The Loaded Bangers sees the classic chicken schnitzel topped with cheese Kransky, creamy mash, caramelised onion and gravy.

The Loaded Chorizo Hash

The Bavarian is serving up loaded Schnitzels

The Loaded Chorizo Hash is a protein-rich turbocharged feast of fried calamari, chorizo, roasted pumpkin, crispy potatoes and jalapeno sauce.

The Loaded Nachos

The Bavarian is serving up loaded Schnitzels

The last of these spectacular schnitzels is The Loaded Nachos, with corn chips, chilli con carne, salsa, jalapenos, cheese and sour cream.

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