The Burger Revolution is Here

The Burger Revolution is Here

Australians we’ve always had a fascination with Hamburgers, You know summers by the sand a burger firmly in your hand and a bag of chips to distract the mass of flocking seagulls.

But all of a sudden that staple of Aussie Burgers has been given a makeover, long gone are the days of a Soggy Tip-Top Bun and some lightly salted mince with slabs of Tomato and Beetroot and the regular lashings of T Sauce.

Say Hello to a generation of burger creations with new worldy cheeses, The introduction of Avocado or that American Onion Ring and a mix of sweet, savoury or smokey sauces that will take you on a Burger journey to rival that of the Hamburglers.

It’s a Burger Revolution lead by people like Burger Pl8 who first hit the streets with the Bat Mobile I mean ‘The Burger Van’ trading at markets all around Brisbane for two years with their handcrafted creations…..

The idea was to be on the move meeting different customers, promoting their product and gathering feedback. Handcrafting, healthy, addictive and wholesome food coming from the heart.

They took all that and opened up a great location in Jindalee serving up the same flavours and bringing those fresh, tasty and amazing burgers to your table along with some fantastic new options.

The “8” in Burger Pl8 signifies the 8 signature ingredients that make up the most popular “Beef Master” burger, with the patty itself coming from a delicious family recipe that’s truly the hero of the business.

The menu is made up of burgers, salad’s, bun-less burger’s, wraps, fries, shakes as well as a brand new breakfast menu. The Menu also caters for Health Conscious or Gluten Free and Coeliac Needs.

They are continually improving and creating new items and sharing them with their customers, which is the best part of it all. (PS keep an eye out for some Gluten Free Chip Options Coming Soon)

So if you’re out and about and looking for a tasty Burger whether that be with the standard options or something new we suggest stopping in and seeing the crew at Burger PL8, Looranah St, Jindalee it’s definitely enough to satisfy your hunger and more than likely just have you travelling back for more and more.

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