The Creme Egg Block is Here

The Creme Egg Block is Here

We’ve been known to stash, inhale or devour a Cadbury Creme Egg or two.

But now we’re entering the danger zone, for the first time ever Cadbury is releasing the Creme Egg Block.

The limited edition block boasts the delectable flavours of a gooey Crème Egg centre, encased in a traditional Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate block.

Paul Chatfield, Marketing Director, Chocolate, Australia and New Zealand said, “We’re excited to give Australians a new way to enjoy and share the legendary Cadbury Creme Egg.”

Easter is a time of year that brings families together and what better way to celebrate than with two Cadbury icons coming together, theCreme Egg and Cadbury Dairy Milk block.”

Available now in Coles and Woolworths stores across the nation.
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