The Kliq behind our 7th Birthday Cover Shoot!

It’s a glorious Sunday afternoon, it’s the first week of autumn, I’m clinging on to the last minutes/hours of what has been a food binged weekend with a side entre of Keeping up with the Kardashians marathon, I’m eating a cronut filled with oozing Nutella goodness and I’m thinking; “who in their right mind would rather eat chicken and broccoli over this?! #FitsPo”.

I can remember it like it was yesterday. Even though it was over a month ago you may ask why? Why Katherine do you remember it as yesterday. Well that is because my friends it was one of the most productive shoots we have done in quite some time a lot of soul and effort went into everyone that contributed. And also, because I forgot to wear sunscreen and my fair welsh skin did not cope too well for the weeks after! The love is in the photos and styling as it is evident with the front cover of this magazine and we are about to take you on a summer journey!

Good Day GC/Brisbane let me introduce you to The Kliq. Comprising of a talented freelance photographer Michael Greves who is also GC Magazines in-house photographer. And the Ying to this Yang of partnership is Gold Coasts most talked about stylist, me, Katherine “the whole f’n deal” Galvin.

I think it’s pretty safe to say; Fashion is my addiction (and food!). Four years now I have been Lead Fashion Stylist for ID Couture and more recently appointed to Co-Director. ID Couture has been an established brand for over a decade specializing in personal styling, shopping, production, events, workshops, creative concepts, online/virtual styling, sourcing & styling, editorial, advertising, social media, interiors, visual merchandising and film & TV. We are based in both Australia (Melbourne, Adelaide, Gold Coast and Brisbane) and in London UK. I myself have been the resident fashion, and interior stylist as well as visual merchandiser for the newly refurbished Westfield Garden City in Brisbane Australia. My favourite period of time that I wished I lived through would have to be the flamboyant 1970s. The fashion revolution, architecture and social changes make it one of the most exciting eras of all time in my opinion. 26cover

Enough about me lets talk about the man, the myth the legend; Michael Greves. Michael has over 10 years experience in the fashion industry as a professional photographer. He has also lived and worked in New York and multiple places in Europe all while capturing fashion, editorial and commercial images. On his recent trip to THE “Paris Fashion Week RTW AW10/11” his work was distributed to international publications such as Grazia, France and Vogue Spain. Back home Michael is fast becoming known as a runway specialist and “one-to-watch” on the Australian fashion scene. At this year’s “Sydney Fashion Week ” – he formed the runway division of his business FIRSTFACE – shooting the catwalk and behind the scenes for designers and fashion PR companies.
And lets not forget about Michaels pride and joy, Le Truck. It even has its own Instagram page! Le Truck is a unique resource, based in Brisbane, available for hire in Queensland and NSW. Le Truck transforms the concept of a fixed studio facility into an integrated mobile solution. More than just a location trailer, Le Truck offers an unprecedented blend of comfort and technology in an optimal on-location vehicle brimming with appeal.

And that ladies and gents is who are the founding members of the Kliq are. A one-stop fashion collaborative squad.

So what is the purpose of all these and what is the point of the accolades that we have just listed? No it wasn’t to inflate our already big heads and egos but to bring to Australia wide and lets not forget that little place called Middle Earth, Sorry I meant New Zealand. We are your one stop shop for all fashion, lifestyle, shoots and styling. Our most recent collaboration was for GC Mags’ 7th anniversary edition cover, which included the gifted looks of Brooklyn Kelly, Eleea Navarro and Lauren McGeachin all sporting outfits from some the best and most successful swimwear labels known not only locally but also abroad.

Island State features stunning international prints – images from New York, Greece, Spain, Egypt and Italy along with electric colours and bold basics my an obvious favourite that we have featured on the front cover is the “Lady Liberty” one piece. I bet you’re asking about the awesome specs she is wearing? Well they’re courtesy of Bailey Nelson. With 7 boutiques in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, and 3 boutiques in London they are definitely one to watch through the looking glass!

Made from the finest Italian lycras, Molly and Polly Swimwear is the brainchild of the uber talented, Kirsten Beck. Kirsten work is known for the fashion, forward females of today’s society! Styles range from ice cream coloured, retro inspired, and high-waisted swimwear including festival leotards & off the shoulder crops.

Veve Glamour swimwear is just that GLAMOUROUS! If you want to be the centre of attention, sexy and stylish this is what you need ladies! Even Famous Playboy Playmate Crystal Hefner has co-designed a collection with Veve. Sparkling swimsuits to make you feel proud and confident! We also featured accessories from Sha Sha a Brisbane based boutique for wave of opulence to these perfectly designed bikinis!

THEREFORE, what we can offer is something I believe is not available here yet in Australia. We are fashion lovers and I think we show that in all our work. Producers, creatives, stylists and clients can all benefit from the comfort and convenience of working with Le Truck’s smooth and efficient workflow, with space for private client liaison, and integrated refreshment and catering.

You can view the complete shoot by downloading your free copy of GCMAG here
For Stylist Bookings contact: or call 0432 886 249.
For Production, photographic and Le Truck bookings. Call 0438 468 539

Spend your Sunday poolside sipping Veuve Clicquot at W Brisbane