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The one and only Tina Arena


Tina Arena, an iconic Australian name with international success, made her debut in 1990 with her album ‘Strong as Steel’ and has not looked back since. She has achieved numerous Aria chart-topping albums and platinum hits, leading the pop icon to release her latest album ‘Eleven’. Now she is our newest inductee to the Aria Hall of Fame and was announced the greatest Australian female singer of all time by her musical peers in 2014.
Tina Arena will be touring her latest album in February and March 2016 for one night only shows across Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and the Gold Coast.

Congratulations on the new album ‘Eleven’ and the announcement of your national tour! For how long were you recording the new album for?
Oh, thank-you so much! I have not been counting, but I started writing and recording in December of last year up until June 2015, and it was done, It happened really fast. I have always travelled when it comes to writing, and I have got some really good mates scattered across the world. I probably recorded about four or five tracks at home in Paris; I need to be isolated when I’m writing.

You collaborated with multiple artists, including Evermore’s Jon Hume, Alex Shield and Kate-Miller Heidke… What was it like collaborating with such talents?
Oh, they are all talents without a doubt. Kate is an exquisite musician and artist; Jon is an incredible talent, and Alex Shield is a young Swedish boy who has a huge future ahead of him and all the others too! They are all great spirits and human beings, which is what attracts me to collaborate. Real magic can happen when we all come together.

All of your songs, particularly “I want to love you” and “Overload” in Eleven, are so inspirational and uplifting. Where do you find the inspiration to produce such powerful lyrics?
We all sit-down and talk about things, as artists you have got to remain inspired even if sometimes the surroundings are hard. I like to write the musical aspect of a hard situation. You have got to see inspiration in things and feel free to talk about them. “I want to love you” is about relationships that we can be in that aren’t necessarily good for us. The song ‘Overload’ talks about a generation of people that are just saturated in every level. Spiritually saturated or financially saturated, it is a song observing that situation.

You have achieved numerous amounts of chart toppers and platinum albums since your 1990 debut, and now you have recently been announced as our newest Aria Hall of Fame inductee! How does this all feel?
Well, I think it is amazing to have been acknowledged by the industry and by your peers for your body of work; it is a beautiful compliment and a beautiful homage to nearly 40 years of work. I think I have probably earned it now, and I am ready for it.

Also, in 2014, you were voted the greatest Australian female singer of all time by your musical peers, which is such an achievement! Do you realise what an inspiration you are to the music industry? Do you see yourself as a role model?
I think I am starting to understand the magnitude of all those years of work that obviously has an impact now and people are very respectful of it, which is a really rich recognition for myself and my team that work so tirelessly to make the whole thing happen. The fact that it serves as an inspiration to others is again, a fantastic recognition. I have never really searched for that responsibility, but it kind of comes with a territory after all those years, so you do have a responsibility.

Your new album Eleven is a powerful mix of music and lyrics. The Herald Sun even described it as your finest music yet! Do you feel in the peak of your career?
There have been a few peeks, and a few tracks too! (laughs). I have never been a server, but if I can serve in this way, then I will be happy. I am still enjoying what I do, and as long as I continue to enjoy it, I will keep doing it. When I stop, I stop, whenever that may be.

Other than Eleven meaning the 11th album, were there any other notable meanings?
Well my birthday is the 1/11, there are a lot of one’s in my life, it made sense that it was called that. It is symbolic to me.
You obviously work extremely hard, with such passion, and your talent is so real and raw. You must be excited to tour again?
I love playing live definitely. It is really fun, and it is great meeting the audiences. It is the real job, getting out there and getting on stage. If I don’t do that, then I don’t feel that I am doing my job!

The album Eleven and tickets for Tina Arena’s one night only shows are now both available for purchase.
For more details head to www.tinaarena.com

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