The Savvy Stylist: 6 Tips For Affordable Home Styling

The Savvy Stylist: 6 Tips For Affordable Home Styling

One of the most exciting parts of moving into a new space is the ability to decorate it. The chance to start over and style your home in a way that reflects you, and showcases your personality is an exciting prospect; however, it can also be an expensive one. Which route do you take? Do you opt for spending an exuberant amount on one or two core items and then go the more frugal road for everything else? Or, do you select trendy but slightly less spendy options that you may have to replace a little bit sooner? We’ve got the answers for how to have your home looking chic for a picture-perfect price.

Give A Second Life To Second Hand

One of the simplest ways to get stylish pieces of furniture for a significantly smaller price tag is by purchasing pre-loved pieces. Not only is this an ethical way to shop, but it also gives you more room to play with the particular style you would like. In a world that is increasingly online, it is becoming astonishingly simple to find quality items at prices that allow you to furnish the rest of your space at an equal standard without having to sacrifice your budget or your own personal taste. A classic site many look to for high-level pieces is eBay, and by simply shopping with eBay you’re able to earn Qantas points via Qantas shopping, which is always a pleasant additional advantage. 

Time Is Money

When you first spend time in your new space, the excitement of wanting to decorate it all at once can be overwhelming. Envisioning what the rooms could look like and wanting to make your house feel more like a home can get the better of you and can lead to rushed decor in a style that quickly dates, or with items that perish at a more rapid rate. Remember, whilst it can seem tempting to decorate your interior all at once, you’ll be in this space for a while, so slow down and take your time by purchasing quality items.

Over time, your tastes change and your vision for your home may be different to what you initially thought. As well as changing tastes, doing one, giant home decoration project could end up costing you more money in the long run. Even if you opt for the inexpensive avenue, these cheaper pieces tend to break down quicker, and it will cost more to replace them. If you slow down and thoughtfully pick out pieces that reflect your tastes and preferences as you find them rather than rushing to decorate in one giant leap, you’re less likely to regret or need to replace things down the road.

Utilise Your Own Items

A new home can unintentionally give us magpie syndrome, otherwise known as the need to have everything be new and shiny, simply because your old items belong to your previous space. But, this is one of the priciest ways to populate your home. It’s incredibly important to utilise the pieces that you already have and see what works inside your new house. You would be surprised how new your furniture can look in a fresh space. Whilst you may need to upgrade a few pieces, actually styling your rooms in the current furniture you own helps you to see more clearly what it is you actually need. 

Declutter Your Space 

One of the thriftiest hacks to ensure your home looks stylish, put together and fresh is by doing a simple declutter of the inside. Much like utilising your own items allows you to see what it is that you’re missing, it also shows you what you have too much of. A home filled with clutter can minimise the appearance of space, and on occasion block light from the home too. It is a deceivingly simple way to make your space look dated. By reselling on eBay or to an op-shop you can also gain a little more money and much like when you shop second hand, selling your pre-loved pieces gives people the opportunity to give your items a second life, rather than contributing to waste, or letting those items waste away on your shelf. 

Neutralise Your Colour Palette 

A great way to ensure you don’t end up spending needless amounts of money that could be pocketed elsewhere is by keeping the pillars of your house neutral. Neutral toned walls and larger, more expensive interior items like couches, side tables and chairs mean your home is less likely to date long term, and in turn, you’re less likely to grow tired of the appearance of your space. Of course, if you’re a fiend for vibrant tones, fear not, you can still opt for colour also. By choosing smaller, seasonal pieces to be the recipient of your colour crazes, you’re able to switch these pieces in and out depending on your mood. Stick to throw pillows, blankets and prints or paintings, rather than larger products like your couch or dining table. Going neutral doesn’t mean sacrificing your creativity altogether, you can still play with funky shapes and proportions, but going for a safer shade of white means you can play with what’s inside your space and not have to do an entire interior overhaul, each year. 

Online Inspiration

A great way to make certain you’re not splashing the cash unnecessarily is by creating online mood boards that relate to your particular tastes or preferences. This allows you to look at how an item fits within a space, or alternatively, meditate on specific pieces of furniture you’re unsure about so that when you choose to make the purchase, you’re fully certain you want it, rather than a half-hearted impulse buy that cost half you salary and is almost instantly regrettable. Find pieces that are unique to your tastes to fill a space that you truly love. 

Whether you’re meditating on a mood board, checking out your eBay app for the fiftieth time today or simply decluttering the old knick-knacks within your home, these tips will likely help you to create the best space that truly fits your tastes and makes your brand new house feel like a true home.

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