Tina Arena’s breathtaking performance at Jupiter’s Casino


She may be twice my age but hot dam Tina Arena can party it like it’s 1999 all over again.

The pop princess showed us young ones how to work it when she came on stage at a sold out show at Jupiter’s Casino in a bedazzled black jumpsuit singing Love You Less.

She owned the entire stage by dancing and just having a whole pile of fun with herself, the band and the audience who were utterly star struck.

You could just tell this Australian pop icon had put in a lot of hard work to make the show as amazing as it was, however she did not show it.

On stage, she was cool, calm, collected and sung to some very high notes I didn’t even know existed.

Half way through her performance she changed from her jumpsuit to a nude, sparkly dress and no shoes, showing she can be human just like the rest of us.

The crowd went crazy when she began singing I remember and we all got up on our feet to party with Tina.

Tina is financing her entire national tour in Australia and we, at GCMAG, totally respect her for it. You go girl!

Her Reset album has reached number 4 on the charts and sold more than 70,000 copies despite receiving little media attention.

Her history in music has led her to be one of Australia’s highest-selling female artists and has won herself six ARIA awards.

Her name and voice have resonated throughout generations of Australians from her early days as a child super star on Young Talent Time through to her ten times platinum Don’t Ask and multi platinum In Deep.

Tina’s tour will be finishing off with a bang by hitting up The Star Even Centre, Sydney, September 11, WIN Entertainment Centre, Wollongong, September 13 and finishing at Palais Theatre, Melbourne, September 17.

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