Tinder and Splendour team up to plan your Tipi Forest hookups

Tinder and Splendour team up to plan your Tipi Forest hookups

We’ve all been at a festival and tried to make a lasting connection only to hit the campsite hurdles, the failed wingman or the clash of musical taste just wipe out the festival romance.

Splendour and Tinder have teamed up with a match made in heaven, launching a unique in-app experience called Festival Mode to make it easier for all users to connect this festival season.
The feature will debut in Australia at this year’s Splendour In The Grass and many other festivals across the US and UK.

Splendour has been connecting music lovers for 19 years and bringing people together through live music, and Tipi Forest late night connections … and Tinder synonymous for connecting new people and the launch of Festival Mode allows you to connect with other festival goers before even setting up your dome tent or throwing on your gumboots or knocking them.

Tinder users bound for Splendour in the Grass in 2019 will be able to add the Splendour badge to their Tinder profile and start matching and chatting with other festival-goers weeks before their pilgrimage to North Byron Parklands. When Tinder users add the Splendour in the Grass badge to their profile, it also means ‘I expect respect.’ Experience Splendour with positive people who share your love of music.

“Splendour is a rite of passage for Young Australians, making it the perfect playground to launch Festival Mode. With this feature, we are redefining the festival experience by enabling our users to make new connections before even stepping through the turnstiles and pitching their tents. We’re pumped to be partnering with Splendour in the Grass and are excited to see how Tinder’s new feature helps people find their crowd this winter,” said Kristen Hardeman, Country Manager of Tinder Australia.

Festival Mode will begin rolling out on Tinder in Australia on June 21.

Tinder and Splendour team up to plan your Tipi Forest hookups

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