The Trend of Upcycling Feature Shoot

The Trend of Upcycling Feature Shoot

Forget recycling, GCMAG are embracing upcycling and getting in touch with our greener side.

Upcycling is becoming increasingly popular and is one of several different ways that entrepreneurs and consumers are responding to the problem of trash.
If you are not up on the green lingo, think of it as a sexier, more improved version of recycling.

Upcycling is basically converting old or discarded materials into useful gems with a purpose.
One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.
It is also great for the environment and we like to think Upcycling is a way of getting in touch with your artistic side and it makes you be more creative and see things in different ways.

Which is exactly what our concept for this issues feature shoot is all about!

Together with our ever so talented photographer, Michael Greves, we have pulled together a shoot that embodies the feel of a sci-fi movie.
The shoot certainly showed that no idea was too ridiculous or too crazy with LED tubes, speed lighting, silver body paint, lamp shading and even a milkshake maker being used to produce a slice of magic.

This shoot has certainly raised the bar of high fashion and gone to new heights of creativity never seen before now.

“We were influenced by a metallic theme and cat eye lighting was the main direction, so makeup was created to compliment this lighting style,” makeup artist Maria Rivera told us.
Cassandra Robinson, a glamazon from Vivien’s Models made the outfits come alive and proved that fashion can look good no matter what it’s made out of.

Stay Tuned to #GCMAG for a behind the scenes video from this amazing shoot shot by Tristan Davies of TD Visuals Video Production

Cassandra Robinson - Michael Greves


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