TyDi stops in for a quick chat !


Today we had a few minutes to chat with the one and only TyDi
Last time we spoke to you, you were just about to go on tour and release a new remix album. How busy has 2013 been for you? 

Good to finally catch up! 2013 has been insane, I’ve been playing shows all around the world, everywhere from Ibiza to Miami! Most of my shows have been based around North America and Europe. I’ve just finished up my first ever chill / non EDM album! It’s called ‘Hotel Rooms’ it’s loaded with everything from huge orchestral pieces to chic ambient, atmospheric type songs.

Tell us a bit about the name tyDi, where did it originate?

Oh come on! Not even Wikipedia knows the truth about this secret 😉

What is it that you love about DJing?

I’d say the most fun part about this job is seeing people happy. There’s not many other ‘career’ choices where you get to constantly watch people enjoy themselves. That aside, I also love the whole idea of manipulating an audience’s night, taking them on a journey through music.

You’ve travelled across the world for your job, what is your favorite destination and place to visit?

I spend most of my time in LA and I’d say that’s my favorite city to base myself at, there’s the amazing Californian weather, constant parties, brilliant musicians and more relaxing places are only a short flight away.

What do you miss the most about home in Australia?

My family. This music life constantly keeps me away from the people who are closest to me, but I do make it back to Australia quite a lot!

Tell us a bit about the upcoming NEON Run event which you will be headlining this October.

It’s going to be awesome! I’ve never played at an event like this, something so original! Basically a ‘race’ where everyone dresses up in neon and runs through the city at night through ‘dance’ zones with electronic music. Sounds really unique, I think it’s going to absolutely rock and can’t wait to perform 🙂

As an artist, how does it feel when people dance and have a good time listening to your music?

The best feeling in the world! Better than sex!

So what’s next for tyDi?

My new single ‘Live This Lie’ is coming out in a few weeks, and then followed my chill album ‘Hotel Rooms’. In between I will be touring the world as usual 😉

You can check out TyDi’s upcoming schedule at www.tydi.com 
And find out all the information on the upcoming Neon Run in Brisbane at www.neonrun.com.au/