Universal Elegance by Begitta

Universal Elegance by Begitta

Universal Elegance the definition of being graceful and beautiful in appearance or presence, something that sums up our latest project perfectly.

The scene was set to work with some of Queensland’s most inspirational women from the creative and production team to our lovely Miss Universe Australia Qld finalists the bar was immediately set high.

We were looking for something to define the issue and working with the lovely Begitta we knew we had found someone with the motivation and creativity to get this done.

There was never a doubt that this was her path to take. With a keen business sense, an incredible amount of desire, determination and bucket loads of creativity young designer Begitta Stolk has taken the art of fashion to new dimensions.

Each and every collection that is crafted with utmost attention takes us to new and unknown depths of knowing and nostalgia. Dreamy gowns filled with fine intricate details that stir memory and bring forth a haze of awe.

This powerhouse of a woman not only hand creates each sample gown that we see in the oodles of alluring images put forth by the label, she also runs two other companies with an additional label launching 2017. Constantly embodying the mantra “To always follow your dreams” Begitta has created a new platform to support and encourage individuals to do just that in their own endeavours through her business with The Atelier.  A New Platform for Creatives, Entrepreneurs and Fashion Aficionados. Namely Empowering Women in Business.

In recent months Begitta has taken on the incredible task as of Official Gown Partner of Miss Universe Queensland, creating custom gowns for the gorgeous girls of the Team Queensland for the State Final and the National Final.

Five beautiful finalists were chosen to represent Queensland in the National Finals. After spending hundreds of hours creating five stunning evening gowns for the National Finalists the news that two wild card entries were being cast into the mix at the eleventh hour. Begitta was pressed to create (now seven!) unique gowns for each of the beautiful QLD girls with each finalist’s ideas and personality used as inspiration. Having already presented her new collection of stunning gowns at the Queensland State Finals in late June the designer had to come up with new designs and new inspiration for the prestige Nationals. 

With such a tight turn around this absolute whiz of a designer has lovingly made each gown with her very own hands.

The Seven Miss Universe Queensland Finalists absolutely killed it on the runway with the beautiful Jasmine Stringer and Elise Chambellant making it into the top ten and then the pair both made it through to the top five! With Jasmine taking out the 4th Runner-up and the beautiful Elise being made First Runner Up.

In all the whirlwind the local public has been encouraging this young designer in more ways than one, showing love, support and adoration with the excitement of the launch of a short video series featuring the making of each gown in what is now known as #TheMissUniverseProject!

Universal Elegance by Begitta

We cannot wait to see what is next for the incredible force that is Begitta and our  sensational Miss Universe Australia QLD Finalists

You can follow Begitta’s journey at www.begitta.com


Instagram: @Begitta #themissuniverseproject

Snapchat: MsBegitta

PHOTOGRAPHY: Beth Mitchell – www.bethmitchellphoto.com //   @bmphotoblog HAIR & MAKEUP: Kylie’s Professional – www.kylies.com.au // @Kyliesprofessional.]]>

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