Hard Border has returned, and Mask wearing to continue

Urgent call for Queenslanders to get Tested


The Chief Health Officer has called for Queenslanders to come forward and get tested to help identify a missing link in the transmission of the outbreaks.

If you have any symptoms at all, please come forward and get tested with numbers of tests only 11,000 yesterday; the government has called for people of South East Queensland, especially those in Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast, to come forward and get tested.

With 9 cases detected in the last 24 hours and six yesterday, and genomic testing has matched to a previous cluster; however, there is no clear link between the Indoorpilly cluster and the original Sunshine Coast outbreak.

We are aiming for 40,000 tests in 24 hours; this will help identify cases in the community and help inform a decision on the lockdown on Tuesday.

You can find a list of Testing Clinics on the Gold Coast at the Below Link

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