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UX Designers Among Top Earners in Queensland Job Market

Recent assessment of Australia’s leading industries has unearthed that UX designers are amongst the top earners in Queensland’s job market in 2022. As a result, tertiary institutions across the state have been investing more into UX and other disciplines within Australia’s flourishing tech sector.Are you interested in combining technology and design to create user-friendly experiences? Then a career as a UX designer may be the perfect fit for you. UX design is characterised by being on the most highly creative disciplines within the global tech industry. But this particular tech sector job also requires some highly technical abilities, alongside critical thinking and problem-solving skills. The multidisciplinary nature of UX design makes it a highly compelling, exciting, and lucrative field for those seeking to kickstart a career in tech.

So why not give UX design a serious consideration for your career path? The future is digital, and you could be at the forefront of designing it.

How Much Can a UX Designer Expect to Earn in Queensland?

Are you considering a career as a user experience designer in Queensland? Then of course, salary estimates are likely already turning through your head. Thankfully, there is now a graphic design salary calculator specifically for students and professionals in Australia. Simply input your job title and years of experience, and the calculator will give you an estimate of your potential earnings in this field.The calculator will also allow you to compare your estimated salary to other graphic design roles in your local area, which will be perfect for budding UX designers based in Queensland. So what are you waiting for? Check out the graphic design salary calculator now and see how much you could potentially earn in this exciting field.

Why a Career in UX Makes Financial Sense

It’s no surprise that the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the digital transformation of industries worldwide. With more employees working remotely and turning to the web and software solutions in order to streamline their processes, it’s clear that professional roles tasked with developing and managing digital technologies are in high demand.According to a report from Mercer, jobs such as digital marketing, information systems architecture, and user experience design saw significant increases in median wages since the start of the pandemic. These findings highlight the growing importance of these industries, and reinforce the need for companies to focus on investing in and upskilling their digital talent. This same Mercer report also outlined that UX design alone experienced an increase in median wages of around 10.5%. This growth outpaced other design industries, solidifying UX design in its position as one of Australia’s most lucrative and exciting career choices today. In addition to higher salaries, job opportunities within the field are also on the rise. As more companies turn to digital platforms and focus on user experience, demand for qualified professionals continues to grow. So not only can you expect a higher salary, but you can also expect greater job security and more potential opportunities for career advancement as well, with over 2000 vacancies in the field listed in Australia at any given time.

What is the difference between a UX and a graphic designer?

While both UX designers and graphic designers have a deep understanding of visual design, their approach to any given professional project differs significantly. UX designers prioritise the user’s experience, focusing on things like ease of use and functionality. They often work closely with developers to ensure that a website or app meets the needs of its target audience. On the other hand, graphic designers tend to focus on creating visually appealing designs across both digital and physical offerings, whether it be for websites, logos, advertisements, or packaging. In other words, UX design is more about functionality in digital technologies and offerings, whereas graphic design is all about functional aesthetics. While both disciplines may overlap, they serve separate purposes and require different skill sets. Ultimately, a successful digital design will incorporate elements from both UX and graphic design in order to create a product that not only looks good but also meets the user’s needs effectively.

What Industries Can a UX Expert Work in?

As a UX expert, the sky is truly the limit in terms of where you can work and what industries you can be a part of. While many people may immediately associate UX with tech companies and start-ups, the skills and techniques used by UX designers can actually be applied to a wide range of industries. This can include marketing and advertising, finance, education, healthcare, video game development, transportation, and even government or non-profit organisations. With an understanding of user behaviour and experience design, UX professionals have the power to improve customer satisfaction and overall success within almost any industry. So when it comes to your career as a UX expert, don’t limit yourself – the professional opportunities that await are virtually endless.

How to Get Started in the Field of UX

Are you interested in creating user-friendly websites and products? Then a career in UX may be perfect for you. Getting started in the field can seem daunting, but with some focus and effort, anyone can develop the necessary skills.First, familiarise yourself with UX principles by researching the field and UX best practices. Then simply start practising. Try redesigning websites or apps using UX principles, or offer to volunteer for friends or small businesses who need help improving their online presence.Networking is also key in the tech world – attend industry events and connect with fellow professionals to learn about new job opportunities and stay current on industry developments. Finally, consider going back to school for formal education in UX design or a related field – many universities now offer degrees and certificates in this growing field. With dedication and hard work, you can become a valuable asset to any UX team.


The field of user experience in Queensland is rapidly growing, with more and more companies recognising the importance of creating a positive experience for their customers. This means there is a high demand for skilled UX professionals to help design and improve websites, apps, and other digital products. In addition to the satisfaction of creating a user-friendly product, a career in UX also offers competitive salaries and abundant opportunities for career growth and advancement. If you’re based in Queensland and have an interest in technology, design, and psychology, a career in UX design may be the perfect fit for you. Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to shape the future of digital products, both across Australia as well as around the world.

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