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Visiting Sydney? Top Things To Do In Bondi, From Bondi Local Pip Edwards

Visiting Sydney? Top Things To Do In Bondi, From Bondi Local Pip Edwards

Bondi is known globally for its iconic golden sand, crashing waves and the chance to appear on Channel 10’s Bondi Rescue. In addition to Sydney’s most famous beach,

Bondi is known globally for its iconic golden sand, crashing waves and the chance to appear on Channel 10’s Bondi Rescue. In addition to Sydney’s most famous beach, which attracts millions of tourists every year, Bondi has plenty to offer: colourful sidewalk art, a unique fitness and music culture, and dozens of exquisite dining and bar options. Together they make Bondi one of Australia’s most sought-after tourist destinations. 

To help you plan your next trip to Bondi, we’d love to share some of the gems of Bondi that keep the suburb ticking– some trendy fashion tips that’ll help you fit in with the locals. We’ll even help you out with a few (and to look stunning in those Insta pics!). Aussie fashionista, beauty queen and founder of the hip activewear brand P.E Nation. Pip Edwards is a Bondi local who knows all of the best spots in the area. 

Read on for the inside scoop on what to see and where to go in Bondi. Make the most of your Bondi experience with our top tips from one of Bondi’s most beloved locals–Pip Edwards. 

Find out what to see in Bondi before you visit!

Where to Eat in Bondi

There are dozens of unique Bondi restaurants boasting vibrant atmospheres and gorgeous food. Plus, world-class wine lists and cocktails. 

Here’s a list (in no particular order) of the best places to eat in Bondi, so you don’t have to worry about picking and choosing. 

1.   The Health Emporium, Bondi Road

The Health Emporium on Bondi Road is one of the best cafes in Bondi for foodies who like to keep it healthy. It should really be called healthy food Bondi, boasting a range of locally sourced fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as ready-to-eat meals featuring organic chicken and free graze meats. The Health Emporium is the ideal place to kickstart a healthy diet. Don’t forget to pick up one of their green super smoothies before your morning walk. You’ll thank us later!

2.   The Shop and Wine Bar, Bondi

The Shop, found a few minutes up the road from Bondi Beach, is a fantastic spot for salads and organic wines. The locally-owned cafe sells some of the best coffee in Bondi and is open for 16 hours a day with no break in food service, making it the perfect choice for a meal all day long. 

3.   Porch and Parlour, North Bondi

Cosy and intimate, Porch and Parlour in North Bondi is the perfect location for sitting back and relaxing. Here you can enjoy fresh food, appreciate local art, listen to music and watch the people of Bondi. It’s no wonder locals say this is one of the best lunch spots in Bondi. It’s also one of the many breakfast places in Bondi that locals adore.


The Best Walks & Fitness Studios in Bondi

Bondi is one of the most lively suburbs in Sydney, with a never-ending hustle and bustle. And with that comes a deeply entrenched fitness culture. It’s the pinnacle of the Bondi lifestyle, where you can choose an abundance of fitness centres, outdoor gyms and walks at your disposal. If you want to blend in with the locals, put on your best activewear and head out for a walk along the beach or find a fitness class before brunch. 

Not sure where to start? Here are three of Pip’s favourite go-to places for exercise in Bondi. Get a glimpse of the P.E Nation lifestyle this beauty queen has developed. 

1.   Bondi Icebergs Gym

Widely recognised as an iconic Sydney landmark, Bondi Icebergs is famous for its waterfront views, beautiful tidal pool and beachside clubhouse. The Icebergs Gym has one of the best workout views in Sydney, so there’s no wondering why locals think it’s one of the best gyms in Bondi. 

If you want to go the extra mile to fit in with the locals, a touch of P.E Nation will ensure you’re dressed to impress in your new gym outfit. If you’re going for a dip in the Icebergs pool after working out, don’t forget to pack your P.E Nation swimwear too.

2.    South Head and Watsons Bay Walk

The Bondi to South Head and Watsons Bay Walk is one of Sydney’s best walks, showcasing some of the best scenery the city has to offer. Whether you’re interested in the 10km walk from Bondi or the 5km circuit around South Head, you’re bound to find some spectacular views and workout spots that will keep you coming back for more.

3.   Bondi to Bronte Walk

Home to some of the most famous Bondi workout spots, the Bondi to Bronte Walk overlooks the ocean amidst the lively culture and spirited vibes of the hundreds of locals and tourists who do this walk every day. You’ll catch Pip doing this walk regularly to get her daily dose of fresh air. 

Explore Bondi With P.E Nation

Now that you have all the knowledge on Pip’s go-to food and exercise recommendations in Bondi, it’s time to experience them yourself. For the ultimate Bondi outfit, check out the newly opened P.E Nation store on George Street in Sydney CBD and treat yourself to some new activewear. Clothes that you can wear anywhere and everywhere – from the gym to a healthy brunch or for a walk on one of Sydney’s most amazing beaches. Get exploring with P.E Nation today!

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