We Sprung Illy for a For a Few Questions ….!

We Sprung Illy for a For a Few Questions ....!

So its festival season and we are gearing up for the one and only HIP HOP Festival to smash you in the teeth Sprung is almost here and we sit down ask Illy the questions ….that we could get answered without the torture techniques …
This man has been the voice behind tracks like If”It Can Wait (ft. Owl Eyes) and the album the Chase a smash hit with kids of today!!

So Mate … the cliché question out first …. What inspired you to get into Hip – Hop ….?
I think it was just being a 12-13 year old and having that 12-13 year old mindstate, I made a connection with the attitude in hiphop and never really went back. Plus I saw Nelly on TV and thought if this fucking idiot can be on the TV so can I.

So as Sprung is just around the corner and with kids having the short attention spans they do we might just ask with one sentence how would you pitch people to come to sprung …? 
I’d ask them if they like hiphop. If they say yes, I’d ask if they can read. If they say yes, I’d show them the line-up. I just assume from that point they’d just buy a ticket. The line up is that dope it pretty much sells itself.

And describe your music in one word ..?

So Queenslanders as they rally to get tickets to sprung what can they expect from your set ..?
A really live energetic show. I’m sharing a stage with people I respect and who I know can rock a crowd, so me Phazes and Cam will all be bringing our A-game.

As we all know the Hip – Hop industry is growing at a massive speed hear in Australia what do you think is next for the industry or is needed ….?
I think in the next few years people will start making more moves overseas. It’s not needed but will be a beautiful thing if we can spread our music worldwide.

Ok we all know the saying what happens on tour stays on tour but what has been the weirdest , craziest or scariest moment on tour …?
Can’t say. Will get sued and probably arrested.

Now the chase with all that amazing vibe surrounding the album around Aus … did you expect such a response in 2010 -11 with this …?
Nah I don’t think anyone could have expected it. It’s been an amazing year and one that I’m incredibly proud of, and blessed to have had. I’m looking forward to what is coming next, as I feel we have set up a solid foundation to build on.

And The Chase resulted in a massive tour what are the must have things on the road for you ..?
I got this shit in Canberra from a naturopath – liquorice and marshmallow extract. It’s for my voice and the stuff is like a wonder drug no matter how big the night before was it saves me! Other than that my headphones, laptop and clean socks.

And what is your ideal day off involve … just to wind down and escape …?
I love travelling, so ideally being on a beach somewhere where people who don’t speak English. But when I’m at home, just lounging around with some comfort food and my PS3!

So Mate we all are keen to hear what’s down the road for you whats next …?
I’ve begun working on my new album and hope to have it done by April/May next year, man! I cannot wait it’s shapin’ up so well for such early stages.

So New Album in the works …?And if so When can we expect it ….?And What can we expect …? 
Expect some big name MC’s, and a couple of singers you never saw coming. It’s gonna be great though!

And speaking of new albums when sitting down to get it all together how would you describe your creative process ..?
Frenetic, and chaotic. But ultimately, effective and successful.

And back to the simplification how would you explain this year in one sentence …?

And in closing …. 
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And keep an ear out for a new single which will be dropping over summer

Thanks Mate for taking the time to sit down and have a chat with us … and we look forward to being front and centre at Sprung in Brissy This Oct for details on this event click the below image

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