What Are the Advantages of Two-Bedroom Granny Flat Designs

Australia’s housing market is on an upward trend, and this results in higher costs for people who need extra living space or for renters who want to find housing at a decent price. Have your children grown up and need their bedroom? Then a solution, in this case, would be to invest in the professional services of a team specialised in the construction of two-bedroom granny flats. Would you like to benefit from an extra income? Then, with the help of the granny flat design team you work with, you could build an ADU that you can rent reasonably. But granny flats are versatile constructions, and when created by professionals, they could be a perfect addition to your primary dwelling.

Given the cost of housing found in large Australian cities, moving to a bigger dwelling is probably unrealistic in your case. Building an ADU could help you benefit from extra space, which you might use as you see fit. Did you always wish for a gym? Then your new granny flat could be a space to practice your physical activities. Need a playroom for your kids? Then a granny flat could be ideal for this use. Or maybe you want to use your new ADU as an extra bedroom for your elderly relatives. The decision is yours, but using an expert in granny flat designs could be ideal for bringing your vision to the surface. However, you may want to learn more. So, in the next few minutes, we’ll list some of the countless advantages of granny flats and present why a two-bedroom variant might be ideal for your situation.

A Great Source of Income 

The average rent price in Sydney has exceeded the weekly value of $650, which is challenging to manage for a good part of the young people of this generation. Are you a recent university graduate needing affordable housing until you can find a better-paying job? If so, granny flats might be perfect for you. The rent for ADUs is generally lower than for apartments or full-fledged houses, and that’s great news for renters because the amenities they enjoy are usually of the highest standard. An ADU, by definition, must be connected to all necessary public utilities and must provide tenants with all the comforts they need to carry out their daily activities.

Two-bedroom granny flat designs in NSW cannot exceed sixty square metres, and their height cannot surpass eight and a half metres. But although they are small, ADUs can be comfortable, and their advantages can be numerous. Using the services of a company specialising in one or two-bedroom granny flat designs could help you benefit from additional income that, over time, can pay off the initial construction costs of the ADU. At a rent of $500 per week, your annual rental income from the granny flat would be over $26,000, and this means that in about five years, the construction could pay for itself. As a financial investment, one or two-bedroom granny flat designs could be an excellent idea, increasing the market value of your home and providing you with a passive income.

Increase the Resell Value of Your Dwelling

What Are the Advantages of Two-Bedroom Granny Flat Designs

Sydney is a great city but can’t be called a cheap place. Houses listed on the property market here frequently pass the $1 million mark, but this increase in house prices has been steady for more than three decades. Given the lack of affordable housing in Australia, investing in an ADU could be considered an excellent idea, not only because it could give you a boost from a passive income but also because granny flats, on average, increase the market value of homes by more than 30%. What does this mean?

Let’s say your household is worth $900,000. The granny flat built with about $100,000 will raise the market value of your dwelling to $1,170,000. From the start, you will have a profit of more than $170,000, to which we can add the $20-30,000 you will benefit in rental income after paying the annual taxes. ADUs are a wise investment, so more and more families are turning to companies specialising in one or two-bedroom granny flat designs.

And the benefits don’t just stop at financial factors. Using a firm specialising in granny flat designs in Sydney could be beneficial if you are interested in extra storage or living space for your loved ones. As the name implies, granny flats were originally buildings used for housing elderly relatives in need of care, and they are still ideal for this purpose. With the expertise of specialists in granny flat designs in Sydney, you could create an ADU that gives your loved ones all the privacy they need while allowing you to be close by in an emergency.

Why Choose a Two-bedroom ADU and Not a One-Bedroom Variant? 

What Are the Advantages of Two-Bedroom Granny Flat Designs

In the end, it all comes down to your space requirements. Do you want to host more than one person? Then a two-bedroom ADU might give you a little more flexibility. Are you interested in the costs? Then a one-bedroom variant is probably a more financially prudent option. However, the bigger the ADU is, the greater will be the value added to your home and the more significant will be the amount you can raise each week in rent. Two-bedroom ADUs are more attractive to families, which may allow you to charge a higher monthly fee. Moreover, two-bedroom ADUs may give you more flexibility should you wish to change the use of the granny flat in the future.

A two-bedroom granny flat could be an investment in your family’s future. Need a new office for your work-for-home job? Then if you’re starting construction, you could also invest in an extra bedroom to use as a storage room. In the future, your two-bedroom unit could be helpful for your children, house relatives or friends, be listed on the market as a rental option, or act as a temporary home for your family if you want to rent out your primary dwelling.

It Could Be a Great Addition to Your Home 

Using the professional services of experts specialising in two-bedroom granny flat designs could be an excellent idea synonymous with your family’s financial success. A granny flat could increase the market value of your home by more than 30%, be a space to rent, or serve as a bedroom for the loved ones in your life. Granny flats have become an essential part of the Australian housing market, and today attached ADUs have become commonplace in most cities in our country.ADUs increase the reputation of neighbourhoods, the influx of tenants positively affects local businesses, and the costs associated with their construction are significantly more reasonable than building full-fledged houses. Moreover, ADUs, at least in NSW, do not require council approval, substantially shortening their completion times. From the time work begins until the job is finished, construction of a granny flat designed by experts should take no more than twelve weeks, which is brief in the construction world. ADUs are an excellent investment, and using the services of experts in their construction could be one of the best decisions you can make to maintain your family’s financial well-being

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