Women on Fire Brisbane !!

Last weekend I was kindly invited to attend the launch of a new Brisbane initiative: Women on Fire.

Butterflies lifted right on cue! Shortly I was to be walking into a room of some of Brisbane’s most determined, motivated and successful women. And I was running solo.

Naturally, the internal dialogue began, “what if no one wants to speak to me?”, “what if I have nothing interesting to say?”, and the killer “what if no one likes me?”

Lucky for me, I see this self-talk as a bit of a dare, from me, too me.  From past experience, our subconscious self-talk does not have the best intentions for us and really just wants to clip our wings. And what do you know! Again, I was right!

The event began with anxious energy, obviously, I wasn’t the only one who’s mind was playing games with them. We all quickly realised that we were there for the same reason, to meet like-minded women, to challenge ourselves and to make new friends with those who have a drive for provoking change.  IMG_1440

Petra, the mastermind behind the Women on Fire network defines the initiative as “a community that empowers women to dream bigger and to live to their limitless potential.”  This idea stems from a strong desire to connect, inspire and challenge women to chase their dreams, and to create lasting friendships along the way.

Petra noticed how hard working, successful women suffered from isolation. She coached so many incredible women that were achieving phenomenal things that were not being celebrated. Amazing women were changing lives in isolation. Equally, many women, who want to achieve great things, do not have the resources to do so. Petra decided to bring them together.

The Women on Fire network aims to encourage accountability and insists on women supporting women.  This is especially important as women are biologically programmed to see each other as competition. Women on Fire challenges this notion and makes you realise we are all the same and we all need friends.

The launch was a great indicator for the bright future ahead of Women on Fire.  I cannot wait to be a part of this wonderful group and to see what amazing achievements are in store for my new friends and their futures.

“The Women On Fire community empowers women to achieve their dreams, gives them strategies to smash their goals and confidence to follow their passions. It is a powerful community of women who support one another in their greatest ambitions and toughest transitions.”

Petra is also currently undertaking a project called “Celebrating Women on Fire”, open to all women, everywhere.  This is a photo campaign designed to celebrate each woman’s unique “Queendome”, who ever you may be.

If you would like to be involved in this campaign email Petra via: ignitingsparks@outlook.com.  This campaign will publish your “fabulousness” on her website and social media. You can find out more atwww.ignitingsparkscoaching.com/women-on-fire/

I cannot wait to see what our local women have to say! I look forward to being apart of your adventures and seeing all of us make our dreams come true.




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