WSL Finals Series continues on Yellow Alert

WSL Finals Series continues on Yellow Alert

The swell is picking up in San Clemente, with WSL making the call to put competition on hold for predicted perfect conditions in the next 24-48 hours.

WSL introduced the Yellow Alert to signal a probably start within 24 hours from now, giving both World Title hopefuls and fans around the globe time to prepare. Once the event goes into yellow alert status, the final call of whether to run or not will be made at 7:00 am the day of the proposed contest.

"The yellow alert will be 24 hours in advance of when we think we will be running," explains Miley-Dyer. “Because it's the ocean and nothing's ever for sure, we'll be making the final call first thing in the morning when we can put some eyes on it and really understand the conditions for that day.”

The WSL Tours and Competition team decided to wait another hour to evaluate conditions and made the OFF call at 8:30 am PDT. The event will remain on Yellow Alert for a potential start tomorrow. The next call will be at 7:30 am PDT on Tuesday, September 14 or 12:30 am on the Australia East Coast.

"This fog is not lifting, so we can't see right now," said Jessi Miley-Dyer, WSL SVP of Tours and Head of Competition. "Tomorrow and the next day both look really good, and that's what makes us really confident in this forecast. The swell is supposed to pick throughout today, and I think between tomorrow and the next day, there is a really good chance to run. Hopefully, we won't have this fog issue tomorrow, and the waves will be pumping."

Featured Image: © WSL / Diz @wsl @thiagodiz

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