Adventurous? 5 pocket friendly tips when travelling the world

Adventurous? 5 pocket friendly tips when travelling the world

Anyone who loves travel and adventure knows the amazing feeling of seeing somewhere new. It’s a feeling like no other. But travelling is a luxury that many of us struggle to afford. Plane tickets, hotels and day trips can be hard on the wallet and difficult to justify.

However, everyone deserves to see the world. While you might not be able to manage a five-star hotel and room service, there are ways to travel on a budget. Here are five pocket friendly tips to help you travel the world.

Know the currency

Currency can be confusing and misleading. When we’re used to handling certain types of money, new notes can throw us off and make us spend more than we’re intending. So, research the currency beforehand and try to get to grips with it. It’s also worth investigating exchange rates and getting the best deals ( can help with this).

Reduce the stars

Ok, so we all want to be able to stay in a luxury five-star hotel or boutique hostel. But is this realistic? Most of us will need to stay somewhere a little cheaper. One of the key ways to save money when travelling is to change your mindset. Do you really need room service and chocolates on the pillow? When travelling, you won’t spend much time in your room anyway. You’ll be out and about, meeting new people and having fun. So, find a cheap and cheerful hostel and embrace the chaos. Most are nicer than you’d think.

Earn a living

Who says that travelling means spending money instead of earning? There are plenty of ways to see the world while also having an income. Plenty of jobs are travel friendly and have flexible hours, such as fruit picking, driving, hospitality work and teaching. While you’ll have to work hard and forsake a couple of days exploring, you might find working abroad extremely rewarding. You’ll meet new people, get a better sense of the culture and feel less stressed about your rapidly declining funds.

Fly clever

We all dread looking at the price of flights. Even the cheaper airlines have hidden fees and prices somehow add up pretty quickly. But did you know that there are ways to find cheaper flights? Fly clever and find the best deals by flying mid-week, departing at night and travelling off season. Plus, you’ll want to regularly clear your internet browser. Rumour has it that travel websites might use your browser history against you, and prices increase every time you look.

Free activities

Ok, so there might be a boat trip you’re desperate to go on or theme park you simply have to visit but, in general, there are plenty of free activities around when you’re travelling. You’ve probably visited the country because of its stunning nature or amazing culture. So, spend the day hiking, chilling on the beach or visiting free museums and galleries. You don’t need to spend money to have fun.

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