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Kayla Mitchell

Trent Maxi Maxwell – Bondi Lifeguard

Sydney’s illustrious Bondi Beach is famous for its white sandy shores, unmistakable beach breaks and, of course, its resident lifeguards turned household names through Channel

Interview with Luke Mangan

Luke Mangan.. “He’s an Entrepreneur.. you have to be more than just a chef to become a successful chef these days, and you have to

Interview with Birds of Tokyo

Kings of Indie and Pop Rock music in Australia, the contagious sound that is Birds Of Tokyo are back with a vengeance in 2013. These

We chat with Michael Klim

As part of our LIFE section this month, we spoke to the incredibly talented Australian swimming legend Michael Klim to discuss his recent announcement of

A Chat with Chloe Maxwell

Former Model, business mogul, journalist, television personality, and role model. Having just one of these titles to your name would be an achievement in its