Miss Universe Australia – Finalist interview Natalie S of SA

Congratulations on making it so far in the coveted Miss Universe competition.. Tell us a little something about yourself?

Thank you so much! It is all very exciting to be involved in this incredible competition. A competition that I have only ever dreamed about, and now I am here! My name is Natalie Scalamera, or you can just call me Nat for short. I am twenty-six years old and am studying a Bachelor of Education, specializing in Early Childhood at the University of South Australia. I love nothing more than my family and friends. My sister is like my twin. We currently live in different states, but we still manage to buy the same clothes and make the same desserts! My main goal in life is to help others, in particular, children and make a difference in the world of education. What I stand for and wish is that every child has equal access to a high-quality education. I strongly believe that all children deserve an equal opportunity to succeed in life. My life is committed to righting this wrong.

Why did you get involved in Miss Universe? What drew you to such a competition?

I became involved in the Miss Universe pageant, as I thought it would be a great chance to challenge myself, meet new people and that it may aid me in fulfilling what I believe my purpose in life is, to make a difference in young children’s lives. Miss Universe will allow me to become deeper involved in charities that I support.

What do you do for work?
I work as a schoolteacher, a model, in retail selling fashion, as well as juggling study at the same time! I am a very busy woman and love the constant challenge!

 We now live in an age where women are world leaders and trailblazers. With that in mind, how do you think miss universe, a competition based largely on looks contributes to the women’s movement?

What Miss Universe is about is allowing women, who are more than capable, to make a positive difference in the world. It allows women to use their intelligence and interests to make a difference.

 In a time of celeb-culture where we know nearly as much about celebrities as our real-world friends, who is your favourite celeb figure and why?

Oh easy! I adore Nicole Kidman and her wide range of involvement in charities, in particular her significant contributions to Starlight Children’s Foundation and UNICEF, serving as a goodwill ambassador.

How would you use your voice or platform purposefully if you take out the crown of Miss Universe?

My passion and desire is to use the Miss Universe Crown as a platform to make a difference in the world of education. Allowing children to firstly have the right to be healthy followed by gaining an education to give them a great start in life. Children are the future.

There is obviously much pressure associated with being in a beauty pageant, what are your secrets to coping with the stress?

To be honest, I have not felt the pressure of the competition. I am more excited than anything to be involved in this competition. I just keep smiling all the time! It will be a few weeks of great learning and meeting amazing new people. I plan to just enjoy every experience and minute I am involved in Miss Universe. If I do begin to feel stressed, I will direct myself to the chocolate first and foremost, followed by time spent with the family and friends.


 Speaking of secrets, do you have any health and beauty secrets you would like to share with us?

Oh! My secret is applying toothpaste on my blemishes! If an unexpected one comes up, there is always toothpaste on hand, right?!

With the view that beauty pageants are all about empowering women, what do you think is the essence of being a woman?
You can only stay true to yourself. We are all individuals and we all have something special and unique to offer and share with others. The essence of being a woman I believe is showing grace and compassion to others. I believe true beauty comes from within and defines who you are.

You can often tell a lot from someone’s biggest role mode/icon/legend.. Who is yours and why?

My role model and icon is my mother. I strive to be the amazing mother she is that supported and devoted her life to my siblings and I. She is what I define as the essence of being a woman.

Feature image credit:  Simon Cecere
Inset Credit:   Antony Snape

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