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A Chat with Chloe Maxwell

A Chat with Chloe Maxwell

Former Model, business mogul, journalist, television personality, and role model. Having just one of these titles to your name would be an achievement in its own right but this next lady in question has them all.
If those titles weren’t already enough to wrap your head around, add to the list dedicated wife, mother and now best selling author, and you have the intelligent and multi talented Chloe Maxwell. Chloe is wife of dual international football player Mat Rogers, and mum of son Maxwell Danger and daughter Pheonix. Living what many would perceive as the fairytale life, the couple were rocked with the news that their son Max had been born with a disorder that would put a startling holt to it all. Max was diagnosed with Autism, a neural disorder affecting 1 in every 100 children that is characterised by social impairments and challenges with verbal communication and language. But the challenges posed by Autism extend far beyond these, and are documented within Maxwell’s newly released book ‘Living with Max’.

Last month, I had the privilege of attending Chloe’s book launch of Living with Max, where guests were treated to high tea and champagne at the Emporium Hotel in Brisbane. Chloe revealed some intimate details about her courageous and challenging journey of raising Max since his diagnosis with Autism and his fight to overcome the disorder. When asked why she wrote the tell all book, Chloe responded with, “Its the story and the testimony of the individual that can help others the most. Knowing the facts and the figures doesn’t do too much. Your story can help other people, how you’ve triumphed with the adversity”.
“My dad and husband were the ones who first picked it up, that something wasn’t right with Max and I found it very confronting, I didn’t want to listen and was very angry. I didn’t want to believe something was wrong with my child.”

But at just eighteen months old, Max was diagnosed and by two years old was in an early intervention program having intensive therapy. “Two to six years old is the most crucial time to get treatment- if you leave it longer it can be very difficult to break them out of their habits”. But treatment is incredibly expensive and most parents simply can’t afford it, which is why Chloe and her husband Mat started their charity 4ASD Kids so that they can help other families get their Autistic children the early intervention treatment they need. We asked Chloe how people can get involved and do their bit to help out and she told us, “The best way to bring awareness and help out is by getting on board with our cause. We need to make a loud noise. By logging onto our website you can see what we’re up to, donate and also get involved with the charity and all the events we run”.

You can buy Chloe Maxwell’s book ‘Living with Max’ at all good book stores or online at Additionally, you can head to Chloe’s personal fundraising page at http://www. to make a simple and easy donation of as little or as much as you can.