Catch up with Miss Universe Australia Francesca Hung

Miss Universe Australia 2018 - Francesca Hung
Photography by Jarrad Seng

Well, it hasn’t been long since Francesca Hung was crowned Miss Universe Australia 2018 at the Sofitel on Collins in Melbourne in front of huge crowd.

We caught up with Francesca in the leadup to the national final and asked her a few questions, so let’s meet your new Miss Universe Australia.

So why don’t you tell our readers a little about yourself?

Well for starters my name is Francesca, I’m 24 years young and live near the northern beaches of Sydney (the best part). No, I am not Italian, but my mother fell in love with the country so decided I should have an Italian name. I am actually Eurasian, as my Father is Chinese and my Mother is Irish/Australian. I have completed my undergrad in Arts and Sociology and am now tackling a Masters in Publishing at The University of Sydney. I am finishing this degree part-time as I work as a full-time model. In my spare time, I like to practice my Ballet, Piano and perfecting the art of The Italian language… that last one is taking some time.

With so many of you all bringing an individual flair to the competition, what do you think will set you apart from the other contestants?

Well, it was evident over the course of the week that I wasn’t the sporty one, nor the secret singer or even the smartest one… but hopefully, I can bring a few smiles and laughs into the room.


Speaking of being unique we all have different motivations, what is something that motivates you daily or you would say is your passion?

What motivates me is making sure I am putting my best foot forward every day and in everything I do. I want to encourage people to try their hardest at whatever they undertake in life and not to give up, even when you’re pushed back down.


Miss Universe Australia - Francesca Hung
Photography by Jarrad Seng
What is something people might find interesting about yourself?

I am absolutely madly obsessed with all animals and creatures big and small… however, my Achilles heel is that I am allergic to almost every animal hair on the planet.


Where is your favourite place in the world to wind down and relax?

Is it wrong if I say on my couch in front of the telle??
( No No it’s Not ) 


The Miss Universe program has a long and proud history and focuses on helping women become the best versions of themselves, how do you think your experience so far will help move you forward in life?

I have struggled in the past with my confidence and ability for public speaking, already the Miss Universe program has pushed me so far out of my comfort zone it’s not funny, but in doing so, it has helped me with these issues. My experiences have always taught me that you should always try new things and always take failure as a lesson to be learnt.

What is the funniest thing that has happened to you recently?

I’m not sure if it was funny for me or more amusing for the girls watching, but in Bali, I was charged at and attacked by a monkey! He took me for all I had (1 banana) and then ran.


Name five things you can’t live without?

My Diary, Coffee, My water bottle – otherwise I forget to drink water Eyebrow gel – those things have a mind of their own And Netflix.


How would your closest friend describe you?



Where would the next country you would like to visit be and why?

I would love to travel to China, as I am so excited to one day be able to see where my fathers family originated from, and be able to connect with a culture which is so foreign to our own here in Australia.


It was the crown that changed Jennifer Hawkins’ life, a list of incredible women have followed including Olivia Rogers, Caris Tiivel, Monika Radulovic, the stunning Tegan Martin, and now we are excited to welcome Francesca to this exclusive list, and we’re so excited to see what’s next for Francesca.


Miss Universe Australia 2018 - Francesca Hung
Francesca Moments After being crowned with Director Troy Barbagallo and Creative Director Sophia Barbagallo


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