Charlotte a nurse & princess – Faces of the Gold Coast

Charlotte a nurse & princess - Faces of the Gold Coast

We’re sometimes tempted to believe the world is changed in parliament or press conferences, boardrooms or somewhere more important than we happen to be. We imagine world changers in power suits with platinum cards.

We sleepily look to the credentialed and wait for the weekly reports on our fate. Perhaps though, underneath the illusion, the streets are empty but the alleys are alive with the likes of this soul. She wears a crown and I have a feeling she always has, though it is nothing to do with appearances. Meet Charlotte, an oncology nurse at the Gold Coast University Hospital where she works tirelessly for her immuno-compromised patients. She’s changing lives on the front line and I adore her for that.

She shared…”There’s a lot of pressure on our health care system at the moment and it’s really tough when people don’t realise the severity of this. ‘Flattening the curve’ isn’t just going to happen. We each have to play a role. Working at the Gold Coast Uni Hospital is amazing. I feel so fortunate to work with such an incredibly passionate team. Sure, it gets to you but I think that’s why I enjoy the pageant work so much. Being @ms_galaxy_australia_2020 has given me a creative outlet.

Pageants have evolved and aren’t so surface-level anymore. This is my third international representation and I am super proud that it has opened doors to work with charities and community members less fortunate than me. What a privilege!My dream? I actually think I am living it. I get to save lives! How incredible is that! So can you. Listen to the experts. The sooner we realise this stuff is real and honour the rules, the sooner we get our lives back. Stay inside and yes… wash your damn hands!”

Thanks, Charlotte. You wear a crown every minute of every day and inspire others to do the same. These are the days we might have to try a little harder to catch hope and life and promise in our hands. We might have to force it indoors. It might not show up as we expected. It’s wilder, weirder but let’s keep dignity and respect for all in the creases of this unfolding story, our story because one thing is for sure… whether we like it or not, we actually are, all in this together.

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