Anne Janelle

Anne Janelle

A Local with a true heart for the Gold Coast, Anne Janelle began “Faces of the Gold Coast” with a simple purpose in mind… to value and celebrate our people in a world that so freely sells the opposite. After recently completing a couple of photography courses, she found just a little confidence and bought her first camera with the intention to not just capture the portrait of our locals, but to profile the very essence of who they are in story as well. “We have so much to learn through others. We cannot learn if we don't listen and we can't listen unless we sit side by side. @facesofthegoldcoast is dedicated to the incredible people who make up our city. So many unique, beautiful humans with rich stories behind their eyes and I plan to have a bit of fun, meet them and celebrate the diversity of our town. We are all so different yet really so aligned. It's one way to 'feed your curious' and you might just see someone you know”!

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Meet Tammy from “Formally Yours” and Carol from “Gift of the Gown” working tirelessly to clothe our year teens for their formals without any mention of $$

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