Elska… a pop harpist with real passion!

Elska… a pop harpist with real passion!

Musicians of all genres have been singing their way into my heart for as long as I can remember… those musical wonders who seem to make me cry with strings or smile with crescendos. Music. It’s the ultimate connector but do we honour these independent music artists enough?

Meet @elskamusic …an incredible performer, pop harpist and all-time lover of life and an opportunity to spread a little glitter. One afternoon she shared,

“I’ve performed all my life; however, my focus shifted to other things a few years back. I put my efforts into being a good Mum and a great music teacher, but I had an epiphany. I realised I was giving all my energy away and knew I had to bring my own creative expression back.

I needed to give back to me and start performing again, especially with the harp. I needed to reinvent myself in new creative ways.

Getting my first gig was, huge, and I would never have imagined achieving what I have.

I’ve recorded in the UK and received grants to further my work. The most recent one being a 2020 stART grant to write 30 songs in 30 days! I won People’s Choice @gcmusicawards last year and released a single! I performed @adlfringe festival last year too.

I just love that my kids watch this stuff and see me following other passions now also. My aim is to get throCOVIDovid, so we can bring music alive again. Outside of that, I am committed to creating a forum for other women to unleash their creative potential, to live in alignment with their purpose and discover what they are truly made of. I think a lot of women lose their creativity over time. It gets squashed down as not as important when other aspects of life take over. We forget to pursue the creative things that make us happy. A supportive, non-competitive community is vital… to lift one another up.

I guess it takes a leap of faith sometimes and the encouragement to fight our fears can be invaluable. It’s time to stop doubting ourselves with thoughts of ‘what if it all goes wrong’? Cause you know what? What if it all goes right”?

Thankyou Elska. Keep doing. Keep giving. Keep bringing you! We hear your affirmations and acknowledge the power of raising a sparkly fist to all things fearful. I can’t wait to watch you shine. It’s bound to be bright and brilliant.

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