Faces of the Gold Coast – Tania Blanchard

Faces of the Gold Coast - Tania Blanchard Creative

This Girl….. The Colour Queen! meet Tania Blanchard Creative.
Art breathes art and Inspiration fuels inspiration and the buzz of imagination is bound to strike anyone in its path.
Such was our experience @tbcgallery where we met this creative soul and saw her passion for colour and texture. Her recent solo exhibition “Silence in Colour” at her own gallery was a long way from her days as a graphic designer. The evening was alive with GC locals and even Shelley Craft and Amy Shark couldn’t stay away!

Tania shared…
“It has been a dream of mine to own a gallery. I’m thrilled to have achieved that. I’ve always been community-minded so being able to support other artists too is a bonus. Some of my pieces were featured on @theblock and that helped me gain exposure.
I feel so fortunate that it is all going so well. It’s actually been a tough year for me personally and yet brilliant in other ways. Through Instagram, such a positive platform, and also via my website, taniablanchardcreative.com, I’ve commissioned works to places like New York, Prague, Canada etc so I feel grateful for loyal followers.
I wish it wasn’t the case, however, artists tend to be validated by the work they sell and I think there’s a vulnerability we all feel in that. I wanted my recent exhibition to be a sensory experience, something meaningful.
It’s all about ‘reaction’ for me as an artist. I wanted the colours to do the talking. And the future? It would be incredible to have an international exhibition somewhere! That’s my dream”.

There’s just something really special about intentional attentiveness. The more I notice the more I love our home town and I don’t mean the stunning scenery. I’m talking the rumbling passion of our people, the ‘who we are’ over the ‘what we have’. I’m talking Gold Coast heart and what it is that fires our pulse.
Thanks, Tania for the privilege of standing in your gallery, for the visual feast and experience but mostly for the elegant yet gutsy response to the ‘rumblings of your own heart’. The vulnerability can be a killer and I just love that you’ve managed to kick its ass and rise in a castle of empty paint tins! That’s special!
You can visit Tania Blanchard Creative @tbcgallery in Burleigh. ?

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