Faces of the Gold Coast – Cara Sanders

Faces of the Gold Coast - Cara Sanders

There are so many beautiful things to admire in life but today ‘art’ made the list. Gutsy, weeping, colourful, complicated, tender, inspiring, soulful art. Sometimes I just need to stop and stare and be grateful for this curious world that inches me closer to myself, as long as I am paying attention. It was @mintarthouse that I was lucky enough to spend a short while with this free spirit.
Meet Cara aka @owlet.art, an artist who decided to follow her passion. Currently creating original works, prints and major murals in regional Australian towns, she has decided to take a six month road trip and let creativity lead the way. She shared…

“It was 2017 that I decided to just make it all happen… to throw myself into my dreams of being a full time artist. I knew it was the life I wanted and deserved. I’ve just finished my first major art work on a water tower in Mackay and loved the experience. I have a few more community pieces lined up so how amazing! I hope to film and share the experience as connection and networking is powerful. There’s so much to learn too so I hope through networking with other artists I can bring my knowledge back here to the Goldy. I’m really ambitious with my goals but right now I am living my dreams. I want to keep painting big, keep learning, inspiring, pushing through. No matter where I go, the GC will forever be my base though. I completely love it here. I need to be by the ocean and so this is home. There is no place I would rather be”.

Thanks Cara. LOVED meeting you and diving deep “into the blue” of your inspiring works.
Perhaps there’s an artist in us all but only the brave ones get the paintbrush out? The timid choose to rest in simple daydreaming, pondering and becoming at ease with their own thoughts expressed in ways they may not even be aware of. In any case, perhaps inherently, we all know this is where creativity thrives.

You can see Cara’s amazing work at www.owletart.com.au

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