Faces of the Gold Coast – Eva Milic… authenticity with a side of sneakers!

Faces of the Gold Coast - Eva Milic… authenticity with a side of sneakers!

So I discovered TV studios are kinda small and in my opinion, the Channel 9 News Room could hardly contain the beautiful energy of this wonder woman Eva Milic!

Meet Eva, a face we all know. My encounter with her left me feeling valued and proud of the simple, sweet purpose of this page. Celebrating Eva Milic is easy and it has nothing to do with her illustrious journalism career. It’s about the way she keeps it all real, how she knows what matters. How do I know? Because I could feel it.
Interviewing Eva was a treat. In true ‘news desk’ style, I was impressed by the stunning dress and secret sneakers combo. She chatted with ease. Eva has been at Channel 9 for fifteen years and loves it! A self-confessed introvert, she has built confidence and resilience over time.

She shared…
“Growing up, I witnessed my Grandad’s love of watching the news. It wet my appetite to know about our world, particularly seeing women like Mary Kostakidis forging her way in Australian television. I really admired her. It’s the live element of TV that has challenged me though. I am nervous by nature so thankfully I have finally settled. This role has taught me about resilience and pushing out of your comfort zone. I’m a perfectionist too so I have learnt to be accepting of myself and know it’s ok to let some things go. Peter Overton passed on a motto one day to a friend of mine… “Back Yourself”. I used to write it on my scripts and it has always resonated with me. I’m so fortunate here at channel 9. I feel so supported by everyone and love where I live too. I’m incredibly proud of the GC”.

Faces of the Gold Coast - Eva Milic… authenticity with a side of sneakers!

Faces of the Gold Coast has notched up a few posts now and  I’m determined to continue shining light on our people. Connection and attentiveness are worth fighting for, particularly in a world that sells the opposite. I keep learning about what hope looks like. Sometimes it’s the evidence of things not seen. More often it’s holding our desired reality, ignoring complication and being quick to notice the goodness that lurks.

What do I appreciate more than meeting a ‘people person’ + authenticity + sneakers and a formal dress? Not much. Thanks Eva. Oh and yes. I do remember teaching your cheeky little sister @nadiamilic but tell her…the cheeky ones were always my favourite kind. x ?

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