Faces of The Gold Coast – Queens of Kindness

<em>Faces of The Gold Coast</em> - Queens of Kindness

At the risk of sounding trite, what if kindness is actually enough? Now and again in the middle of busy living, I am jolted by a neon reminder. Kindness just might be the only thing asked of us?? Please meet two “Queens of Kindness” who might just remind you too!
Meet Tammy from “Formally Yours” and Carol from “Gift of the Gown“. Both ladies work tirelessly to clothe our year 12 teens for their formals from the Gold Coast to Logan without any mention of $$. All the dresses and suits are donated to these legends so they can help our youth feel incredibly beautiful on their night of nights without any cost. It was pretty special to meet them both!
Tammy shared…
“There are a large number of families who simply can’t afford the costs involved with attending a formal. I am thrilled to dress them from top to toe as it is just so rewarding for me. The kids are incredibly grateful. They smother me with hugs and seeing them happy makes me feel so full. My dream? To keep doing this for as long as I can for as many kids as I can every year”.

I must admit it was humbling to see two ladies with full lives dedicate their time and care so freely.
It was Carol who added…
“I want the girls to have their ultimate WOW moment when they choose their dress, and so I tell them that unless they LOVE it, they can’t take it! It’s that princess moment I am after, and I can tell by the smile. It is so special. You know, kindness costs nothing and to help even one kid has made such a difference to them”.

Honestly though, how can we not learn from others? Kindness informs living. It rips through guilt and deflates pride. I obviously exist in a cycle of remembering and forgetting, but today I am grateful to feel its truth. I guess what I am saying is, I hope we all leave space for such reminders, especially when they show up in the faces of others. I hope that when they tug us away from all the ‘doing’ and point us back to the ‘being’ that we know enough to recognise it.

Please contact these beautiful ladies directly through their facebook pages for appointments or to make donations. Like us, I know you will just love the experience! Formally Yours or Gift of the Gown

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