Faces of The Gold Coast – Clayton Blake

Faces of The Gold Coast - Clayton Blake

Sometimes paper isn’t big enough for the stories we need to tell. Sometimes we need to carve out moments of fulfilment by actively pursuing what we love and it’s pretty obvious the creative passion of @claytonblakeart is taking the lead on that one. His mark as an installation artist can be seen as far as the US but we’re lucky he calls the GC home. He uses everyday ordinary, accessible items to produce large scale public sculptures that challenge audiences worldwide. He is a regular feature artist at @swellsculpture festival so it’s likely you have already admired his work sometime over the past six years. Who could forget those shopping trolleys? We caught up one late afternoon at the @dust_temple.

He shared...
“I’m so fortunate for the experiences I’ve had. It’s not an easy gig to be a full time artist however my success with @burningman in the US took my art to a new level. Each piece I create has a strong message and yes, I have definitely provoked people with my statements but I am not so worried about that anymore. Sometimes people need to be jolted out of their comfort zone to see a new perspective. Everything I do is a reflection of myself and it can be a bit daunting to put yourself out there but I’m grateful for a community that embraces my efforts. My dream?… just to keep doing what I’m doing I think. Hopefully one day I will get a bigger studio with a gallery attached. Covid has made it tough for lots of artists in the short term but it’s forced me to design some smaller scale pieces and get back into painting too. You just have to back yourself through it all and believe in what you do”.
Thanks Clayton.  Can’t wait to see what you bring to this year’s Swell event. No doubt it is big, bold and steeped in a statement to shake the arrogance right off our bones. Bring it on because this world needs a few more gutsy voices like yours right now for sure. Take care. We think you’re amazing!

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