A Chat with True Bloods – Amelia Rose Blaire

From an unsung actress, wading through the inexorable highs and lows of cutthroat Los Angeles, to centre-stage in a spectral world of Vampires and Shapeshifter’s — Amelia Rose Blaire has certainly encountered her fair share of blood-suckers.

Far from humble beginnings, the budding beauty has emerged as a household name, playing the role of Willa in season six of HBO’s critically acclaimed hit TV series, ‘True Blood’.

Entering its seventh and final season, Blaire will revise her role as the daughter of Louisiana Governor, Truman Burrell — a ‘pro-vamp’, ‘Fang-banging’ progeny, marred by the beliefs of her steadfast father.

As the infamous “vamp camp” battle intensifies, and viewers grow divided, only one thing is certain – the placid, fictional community of Bon Temps, Louisiana, will never be the same again.

“In season 6, Willa became the ace up Eric’s sleeve in his battle against Governor Burrell,” Amelia says.

“As for this season? I feel like any answer to that question would end up being a spoiler, so I’m going to keep my lips sealed.”

“Anyone who watches True Blood knows that wild things can and do happen at the drop of a hat, and this season will be no exception.”

“Let’s just say, it’s going to go out with a BANG!”

Despite the starlet’s newfound fame, she maintains an air of humility foreign to many-a Hollywood success story.

Indeed, far from the hedonistic undertones of LA, the self-proclaimed ‘Truebie’ credits her role for helping her grow as an actress.

“Willa started as a character that was victimized, moved around like a rag doll and then she slowly began to stand on her own two feet,” she says.

“I’ve been standing stronger on my own two feet along side her.”

“True Blood has continuously pushed me to step into the places that scare me… For me, last season was about facing death, and this season is about becoming it.”

With only ten episodes left before Sookie Stackhouse and the occult community of Bon Temps, Louisiana, bid viewers farewell, Blaire is already looking to the future.

Working alongside Nick Smoke, of ‘The Social Network’ and ‘People Like Us’ fame, the accomplished actress will debut in the upcoming feature film, ‘Only Kids’.

“It’s a story of a group of estranged childhood friends who reunite in the weeks leading up to the departure of one who needs a liver transplant,” she says.

“I’ve also been developing a couple projects of my own which I’m very excited about.”

“After that, well, I guess we’ll just see where the road takes me.”

Photo Credit: Bobby Quillard
Hair Credit: Jarrett Iovinella (Exclusive Artists MGMT)
Makeup Credit: Liza Zaretsky (Exclusive Artists MGMT)


Written by Bridget Judd

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