Club Active is changing the way you age

Club Active is changing the way you age

We’re catching up with Jonathan Freeman Accredited Exercise Physiologist and founder of Club Active, a new group of holistic health and wellness centres designed to help those of us with a bit more worldly experience age a little better.

Whether that is finding your new you for the new year or helping you take your retirement and travel to the next level or simply just helping you achieve your health and fitness goals to move and feel better.

Jonathan says Club Active was founded out of a crucial need in the fitness industry providing a holistic approach to customers in their fifties to seventies who fall between the current offerings of boot camps, nightclub/gyms and sterile hospital rehabilitation and doctors surgeries.
“There’s a whole other side to fitness and wellbeing, not just the work harder, faster or boot camp style model or the entire other side which is purely medical made up of Clinics, Rehabilitation and Hospitals.”

Club Active is changing the way you age

Club Active’s team is catering to that middle ground, allowing a comfortable and supportive environment for those to achieve better health and fitness outcomes with medical-grade equipment and a focus on being supportive and approachable.
The team prides themselves on tailoring a program to each member’s individual needs and their goals while using their proprietary software to design and plan for every individual, which interacts with all of their equipment and will guide their workout and result in helping prevent or minimise injury and deliver better outcomes.

Jonathan’s passion is evident and comes from a place of wanting to help people move into retirement with a pep in their step.
“Both my grandfathers passed away when they reached 70, they worked and worked, and when they stopped, they died. We are now starting to understand a little bit more about retirement and what it means to this market. Most baby boomers are travelling off in caravans, cruise ships and even going overseas. They’re enjoying life more than any previous generation did. That’s what we’re trying to help achieve and maximise the quality of life.
We have a lady who wants to walk the hills of Spain, so we’re helping her get ready for that. People have time to come in and partner with us to help extend what they can do, be it extending the time they can spend on the golf course or the bowling green. They want to be healthy for that and need the endurance to take it on. “

To achieve these outcomes, they have a fully qualified team and a unique range of specially designed equipment; for example, longer handles on treadmills that go all the way to the back of the treadmill instead of halfway down, and adjustable cranks on their bikes to suit those people with knee problems and help improve those kinds of injuries.

So if this sounds like the right place for you to kickstart your new year’s resolution or just to start achieving a better quality of life head-on in and see the team at any of their four locations and start the joining process.

If you would like to join Club Active or find out more info visit

Club Active is changing the way you age
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