Corey Wilson on capturing the perfect shot

Corey Wilson on capturing the perfect shot

On a recent trip to Australia, we managed to get some time with the wave chasing Californian to find out his story — how he approaches the craft of photography and his experiences of working in a somewhat different ‘office’ to you and me.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Is this a statement that you agree with? Modern photography and the ever prevalent Instagram culture we live in today, could perhaps, muddy the water on this sentiment. We can’t help but pick up our phones, flip open a magazine or lift open our laptop and have our eyes instantly treated to gorgeous imagery and incredible photos.

It’s almost a given. And with that, everyone now is a “photographer”. Anyone can use the average smartphone and with little effort to create content, editing and adding filters quickly. The results speak for themselves, leaving us viewing a never-ending supply of these images as nothing short of engaging.

Does the beholder, therefore, have no choice but to see beauty?

But sometimes you see something that is just so unique, captivating or special that it stands out and Corey Wilson seems to provide that on the regular.

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