Alex Mitcheson

Alex is often found battling the crowds for a few waves somewhere on the Gold Coast. When not salty and covered in zinc his passions are finding great food as well as delectable wine. Originally from Newcastle, England - a somewhat critical chap, prone to a good sunburn, very much a Virgo and probably Edgar Allan Poe's biggest fan.

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Taking The Drop Festival with Wayne Rabbit Bartholomew
Talking The Drop with Wayne Rabbit Bartholomew

Wayne resides on the Gold Coast, and his current venture sees him as a significant stakeholder in the music festival “The Drop Festival”, which is the

Stephanie Gilmore talking Life, Success and The Gold Coast

One such talent is the current female world surf champion, Stephanie Gilmore. Much more than just a talent she is, in fact, one of the greatest (if not the greatest) surfers ever to lay feet on a board.