Jimmy Barnes – Shutting Down Your Town

An Australian household name, with a blistering and iconic sound that is so uniquely his, Defining and highlighting many facets of Australian culture through his career and music.

Transparency and the revelation’s of one’s past are sometimes where artists find themselves and inspiration. After sometime creating their art and showing the world their feelings, thoughts and observations, they can more often than not tread a path revealing many inner truths of what brought them to where they are today. 

Jimmy Barnes and his brand new 17th solo Album “My Criminal Record” sits comfortably within this notion. Jimmy is a household name and rock icon of Australia, with a blistering and iconic sound that is so uniquely his own.


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Written by Alex Mitcheson

Alex is often found battling the crowds for a few waves somewhere on the Gold Coast. When not salty and covered in zinc his passions are finding great food as well as delectable wine. Originally from Newcastle, England - a somewhat critical chap, prone to a good sunburn, very much a Virgo and probably Edgar Allan Poe's biggest fan.


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